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Waiting times are too long

November 16, 2022
Too long for the waiting times.
I had to take my newphew last year who started experiencing breathing issues.
The Drs checked him and advised that he needed Iron tablets and Vita D tablets.
They provided prescriptions for these medications. Letter was sent to GP a couple of days later advising of the visit.
Consultants were good but results did not come in time.
Could have gone home earlier as I had to take all the children with me to the hospital.

Long waiting time for treatment

November 13, 2022
I contacted the hospital, appointment coordinators regarding my referral for my bowel. They told me there's 52 weeks+ waiting list. This was weeks ago.
They were like you have only been waiting 39 weeks. They told me to phone back after 52 weeks. It has been 52 weeks when I last called them.
So now I will have to phone and say it has been a whole year since being referred.

I was referred by my Surgeon who operated on me to the GP, saying that I needed an urgent referral for a bowel specialist.
I still haven't seen anyone and still on the referral list.

No communication apart from a letter at the beginning of the year advising to call if I haven't heard anything by February. I have been calling every month since then and all I get told is wait.

I understand there has been covid and understand their is awaiting list but when I am doubled over in agony and it's affecting my job.

Reply from UHB Heartlands Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about the Heartlands Hospital, please accept our apologies for the delayed response. We are really sorry to hear that you had such a long wait and your patient experience was not a positive one.

We are keen to listen to your concerns in more detail to understand more about what has happened. If you are happy to do this please make contact with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) to provide your details. PALS are here to help and can be contacted by phone 0121 424 0808, by email PALS@uhb.nhs.uk or by contact form at https://www.uhb.nhs.uk/forms/contact-complaint-concern

Kindest regards, Patient Experience Team

Provider responded

Great service in the Cardiology department

November 13, 2022
Got no problem with the department. Was referred through another hospital for irregular beating heart.
Followed through with appointments and I received regular check ups.
I was provided with new tablets and was advised I can contact in case of emergency or with any concerns.

Consultants were informative. Wouldn't have got to the bottom of the problem without them.

Took a year to get an appointment

November 13, 2022
GP referred me to Heartlands hospital. Took a year to get an appointment.
Had a text from the hospital telling me that I had a phone appointment.
I went on holiday and waited for the call.
Then had a text saying as I hadn't turned up for appointment, they had to take me off their books (appointment system).
I haven't had any follow ups since.

Poor care in Gastroenterology department

November 12, 2022
Referred by GP for reflux. The experience was not very good.
I had to have a procedure which left me really ill.
They wanted to discharge me on the same day, so my family had to approach doctors and speak with the consultant asking advising that I was still not well to be discharged. Only then did they keep me in for 5 days.

Whilst in the hospital the regular nurses who were attending to me gave me someone else's medicine chart and diagnosed wrong medication.
It took another nurse staff not working with me to notice.

Still waiting for an apology from the hospital.

A&E is no good at all

November 7, 2022
A&E service at this hospital is no good at all.
Solihull hospital urgently needs one.

Quick referrals for operation.

October 25, 2022
The consultant was very professional and referred me to the hospital for my hip operation. The Physio referred me for Xray, and everything worked out well. All care professionals were excellent.

Admitted for Covid, staff was rude

October 20, 2022
I was admitted at the hospital after getting Covid for the second time.
I was admitted in the Covid ward. The staff this time was rude. I was left in my own urine and after I was asked to go to the toilet.

Long wait for Covid care but staff were good

October 20, 2022
Heartlands hospital was clean when I went there for covid treatment.
There was long wait for getting treated but the staff were lovely.
The place was clean and all issues around the delay of the treatment was addressed.

Long waiting time for X-ray at the hospital

October 20, 2022
I was referred to the hospital for an X-ray for my thumb and ribs.
I received an appointment for the next day.
I waited a long time for the X-ray to be done after I had got to the hospital.

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