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Long queue and poor communication

December 20, 2022
I called for 2 days and they kept telling me they will call me back, waited for 2 days before any call came. I was really in a crisis because my mental health.

Not calling me until after 2 days

November 25, 2022
I called 111 for pains in my tooth which has caused swollen gum and face. They said they will call me back, but they called me after 2 days just to tell me that I have to wait for 2 weeks for dentist to see me. Now I am in pain and I can't eat or sleep.

Advice line has been good and very prompt

November 12, 2022
111 Advice line has been good and very prompt.

No answer on the phone after 5 hours

September 15, 2022
When I have called to use the service, it has been a lot of the time due to health concerns.
They don't answer calls and the message on the call just advises to wait because of long queues. I have waited 5 hours.
In the end I just give up and didn't seek any medical advice as I suffer from Autism and Asthma.

The service needs to provide more staff and they need to answer the phones.

My baby fell from the cot, called NHS 111

September 1, 2022
My baby fell from the cot and the staff were really good.
All the questions they asked were good, detailed questions about my daughter being sick, pooing.
They calmed me down, they were very detailed. The health visitor called me too and the doctor.

Very courteous and understanding

August 31, 2022
Phoned them on Sunday to ask a question and they didn't know but got someone to call me back within 24 hours. They called me back and were very helpful and understanding.

Service was pretty good on NHS 111 line

August 31, 2022
Contacted advice line because I was experiencing pain in the chest. I
Contacted NHS Advice Line 111 where the staff carried out an assessment and advised that I have experienced a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The staff were very good and courteous. Within hour an hour a paramedics had arrived they they had called and had taken me into Coventry hospital.

Really helpful service

August 29, 2022
The staff were really helpful each time I contacted.
As a result of the call, I ended up at the hospital with a follow up call from the GP thereafter.

Excellent service

August 4, 2022
Excellent, easy to use, very reassuring with concerns and emergencies advise.
QE expert advice informed me that I hadn’t broken my elbow when a doctor from Manchester told me I had fractured it and put it in a cast for one week.

helped me alot

July 27, 2022
111 was good, helped me alot.

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