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Slow, slow, slow

October 6, 2021
Tried to call 4 times before answered. Was promised a call back within 2 hours. Nothing. No advice given. Ended up having to take 10 miles to an A&E

Absolutely useless

October 6, 2021
Too long wait for any services

Rang about my son who had Covid

October 6, 2021
They where very helpful and helped get my son the right medication that was denied by our gp as they wouldn’t give him medication without seeing him but had no appointments and wouldn’t see him anyway as he had Covid
Nikki burden

First class service and experience. Thank you

October 6, 2021
Used 111 for the first time a few months ago. Although I was cut off initially, my second attempt was trouble free. They arranged for me to have covid test the following morning at a drive through at Birmingham airport carpark. Received result with in 24 hours. First class service and experience. Thank you.

Staff appeared to have no medical ex perience

October 6, 2021
When explained symptoms and pain was asked -are you too ill to make a cup of TEA

Stomach pain

October 6, 2021
Called "out of hours" and needed two calls as a wrong number for an Urgent Care Centre was given. Bizarrely the second operator asked for all the information again, which was politely declined as we'd just spoken minutes before. New number given and an appointment made at the nearest UCC.

Broke my elbow didn’t want to go to A&e

October 6, 2021
Rang 111 to discuss injury and my choices
Lyn Perrin

Had call back within 2 hours

March 6, 2021
Called 111 advised staff if symptoms I was experiencing was told a dr would call me Back which they did. An emergency appt was arranged within the hour to see a Dr face to face went along and it was arranged for me to go to hospital straight away
Janet Speakman

Not useful

January 20, 2021
I had to ring 111 as I couldn’t get through on the phone. They managed to get through and told me I would get a call from gp within an hour. I got a call from a receptionist
at a surgery that is not mine with the advice “ go to a&e!
Also there has been very poor information regarding how to get a repeat prescription on the new system when the old one worked perfectly. I now have to take my repeat to the surgery. - SHP

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