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Good improvement to the service

April 3, 2023
111 service was quick to get me appointment to see the GP within hours.

Never got a call back

March 31, 2023
I never got a call back when they told me they were going to call back and get me appointment for emergency dental care.

Very helpful service

March 31, 2023
The waiting time to speak to someone wasn't too bad. They made contact with a local pharmacist for me so was overall happy with the service they provided.

Frustrating system of repeating yourself

March 31, 2023
Advised by GP to call 111 after days of not being able to see a doctor at the practice. Having to continually repeat my symptoms and medical history to numerous people becomes frustrating. Was not waiting too long to get through but then had to wait for some time for a call back. Appointment was arranged with my own GP by 111 service which was helpful and appreciated.

Long wait for dentist appointment

March 31, 2023
I called 111 because I had a severe toothache. Firstly, I waited for 40 minutes to be called back then I was told they were going to send me to emergency dental clinic. Waited for 3 days before getting a call back. I had already taken pain killers to cope with the pain.

Great service helped me get an appointment

March 21, 2023
I was unable to get an appointment with my GP so called 111. They gave me advice and then a doctor called me back. I was told that I needed to see a GP and an appointment was made for me at a local surgery.

Delay in responding

March 13, 2023
My wife was feeling very unwell on a Saturday and I called 111. I waited for almost 30-45 minutes before I got any reply. It was a scary moment because my wife had a fall and she seemed alright until she started complaining about not being able to see. And when they responded they asked if I could drive her to A&E, and I said no. They told us that it was going to take 2 hours before paramedics can come to the house. After 2 hours my wife was not responsive and when they came, they had to rush her to the A&E.

No call back from 111

March 1, 2023
The 111 call back service is poor, I waited for 2 days for a call back but I did not get any call back until I called again and still did not get any help for my teenage son.

Holding for 90 minutes and gave up!

February 21, 2023
I was advised by GP receptionist to contact 111 because there were no appointments. I spent 90 minutes on hold without speaking to anyone. I gave up and hung up.

Long waiting time with NHS 111 so I end up at A&E

January 6, 2023
Sometimes when I need to call the GP and its closed, the only options is to call 111 for support. But every time I call, I wait an hour plus for response and they don't respond to my query. I end up going to A&E.

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