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Very helpful service

July 25, 2023
My experience of NHS 111 has been very good. Due to a lack of available GP appointments I have used the service quite a lot. They have been fantastic and have booked me appointments with other service providers so that I could be adequately treated.

Sent an ambulance straight out to me

July 25, 2023
I was very happy with the service provided. An ambulance was sent straight out to me.

Quick response and urgent advice given

July 20, 2023
111 was called for advice as I was unwell and could not move my neck. They told me to attend the hospital straight away which I did.

Excellent Service, prompt response & action

July 13, 2023
I called 111 as the doctors were closed. After being assessed on the telephone they sent an ambulance to me straight away.

Long repetitive system

June 28, 2023
The call was answered quite quickly but the system is frustrating. You have to repeat yourself and answer the same questions over and over. The advice was good and I was told to go to the hospital.

Good experience of a helpful service

June 6, 2023
I found 111 a very useful service over the bank holiday weekend. Although it was a long drawn out process I did manage to get an appointment.

Very good service and advice

June 5, 2023
I got through straight away and was quickly advised to call 999. I was very happy with the service provided by 111.

Sent to Badger services who could not help us

June 1, 2023
The call was answered quickly but you have to go through the details too many times. When we eventually spoke to a doctor we were incorrectly sent to a Badger clinic who could not help us as they did not have the correct equipment. This referral wasted our time and further could have impacted the outcome as it was a serious health problem. 111 should have directed us straight to the hospital.

Good experience

April 28, 2023
I had to use 111 as could not access my GP surgery. They were helpful and got me booked in at the Badger clinic on Hurst Lane.

Support was good

April 24, 2023
Customer service and support received was good.

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