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Prescriptions and test results difficulties

April 8, 2021
Am so fed up with the service we are getting at the moment. My son has to take a controlled drug for ADHD of which the surgery insist I put a request in writing for the prescription every month. I did this with 6 days notice of him running out last Monday. I went to the chemist on Saturday to collect the tablets only to be told the surgery had been running behind with prescriptions and there would be no prescriptions until Tuesday at the earliest. My son has had to go without his medication for three days which has been both distressing and frustrating for him. To add further stress when you try and ring the surgery to enquire, you get told you can't even wait in a queue as their phone lines are at capacity and when you go online to email them the website informs you you are unable to use this service currently. I feel that since the pandemic started we, as patients, have been left high and dry with nowhere to turn if our children have health issues. I am a teacher who has had to work every day through this pandemic and I find it very hard to believe that this GP practice have been doing their upmost to support it's community when a simple script takes a week for a doctor to prepare.
Charlotte Mansell

Punctual and efficient

April 2, 2021
Arrived early for my covid vaccination and went straight in,. Vaccination was painless.

Covid vaccination

April 1, 2021
Very slick, well organsied
Marion Mann

Very efficient, quick and painless

April 1, 2021
Very well organised, everyone called in at their allocated times. Ushered through to injection rooms, in and out on a flash.
Karen Tilsley

Was very efficient

March 31, 2021
Not my own GP Surgery but excellent Staff and the way it was co-ordinated.
Glenys Potter

Excellent as usual

March 31, 2021
Staff and everyone else involved in the Covid vaccinations brilliant .. so well organised thank you

Excellent service

March 6, 2021
Had my first Covid jab on 4th March
Extremely efficient..staff and all lovely Covid Marshall staff directing us in .. big thank you to all of them
Breed Hemmings

Good service

January 22, 2021
Was contacted via telephone to visit the surgery for a health check. Visited surgery, appointment was on time and all Covid protective measures followed. Follow up appointment made for results.

shocking - can't get to speak to anyone.

January 22, 2021
had a serious situation between christmas and new year and ended up having to go to A&E in redditch. following on needed to get a form completed for PMI claim, had to hand deliver to Northbrook and after 2 weeks of chasing had to collect from Northbrook as no one understood the importance and need for the form despite advising everyone. staff need better support and training.

Awful surgery

January 21, 2021
Just shut up shop last March, couldn’t care less about patient med reviews just hand out repeat prescriptions, impossible to get in touch with or get a routine appointment

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