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telephone delays

June 10, 2021
You wait on the phone for half an hour and then they cut your call, previously it took an hour. Would love to set the clock back to pre SHP days when you could easily ring and get an appointment, but Partner costs reduction comes first.

Appoinments very difficult to arrange

June 1, 2021
Monkspath Surgery used to provide a very good service, but that is definitely not so since the creation of the Solihull Healthcare Partnership. Now it is very difficult to arrange timely appointments. Yes, they have brought down the waiting time on the telephone, but once you have got through the available appontments are often for two weeks away. The alternative, to call at 08:00 to arrange a same day appointment, is no doubt used by many to avoid the wait, but this seems an abuse of the service. No doubt SHP will blame the Covid situation, but I believe the rot set in before the pandemic hit. The creation of the SHP may provide economies of scale for the partners and staff, but it's terrible that this has been at the expense of the service provided to the patients.

Impossible to book appointments

May 11, 2021
Since the merger with SHP the experience of using this surgery has massively declined. You can now expect an hour queue on the phone to get an appointment (IF you are lucky enough to actually get in the queue and it’s not full) and then when you do get through you’re given a two hour slot two weeks away when I doctor will ‘try to call you’. Absolutely shocking service and they’ve removed the option of any online booking so you have to call.

Can't get hold of anyone to answer a call.!!

May 10, 2021
My Mother is a Patient at this Practice, she was discharged from Hospital last Friday.
Dr A Ramachandran popped in to check her meds, but, noticed she was missing some meds from her discharge pack. Dr R said get in touch with Practice and get this added to the Blister Pack. BUT! No ones picking up...
My wife works at Warwick Gates Surgery, she said try this route?
Mark BROWN (son)

Being sent all over solihull for different th

May 4, 2021
Monkspath my surgery is practically on my doorstep but to pick up a doctor's letter, requested at monkspath, I had to go to grove rd!!
Now I have to go to shirley medical centre for a diabetic review as monkspath dont do them any more!!
What do they do except keep you hanging on the phone for hours.
I dont drive and have trouble walking so how am I expected to travel all over solihull with my own gp on hand.
Our gp has also been changed without permission too. Disgraceful service

Very hard to book appointments

April 24, 2021
Surgery are mostly helpful but cannot book appointments online! Extremely long queues on telephone to book appointments!

However COVID vaccination programme has beem very well run and is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE ENABLE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringing and ringing and getting dropped calls

April 22, 2021
It has taken an hour and a half to get through before disgusting service when other surgeries are open and have been for a long time this surgery and others in the group are not bothered about their patients.

Shocking - actually negligent

April 22, 2021
You can’t reach the surgery at all. Phone lines always too busy, staff are rude and unhelpful. Patients are not being checked on medication or with conditions they need monitoring for. No online system access, can’t get test results if you are one of the lucky few who get to speak to a random doctor as it won’t every be your regular one. Do stores prescribing the wrong medication. Patients in crisis and only way to get healthcare is to contact 111. SHP are NOT improving nor do they care anymore. Someone MUST look at how they are now negligent to their patients and shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

Slow service since SHP was formed

April 21, 2021
When the practice was not so connected with other SHP practices, it worked fast and efficiently. Now it takes so long to connect with the practice by phone and book appointments.

Unacceptable delays when trying to contact su

April 20, 2021
The waiting on the phone is unacceptable. The actions after the call is answered is not acceptable either.

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