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Extremely difficult to contact the practice .

December 23, 2021
Extremely difficult to contact the practice and more so to get appointments for most anything.

Impossible to get an appointment

December 19, 2021
After trying for 3 weeks to get through to SHP, finally answered 13 December, and appointment made for 23 December, at Jacey surgery when Monkspath surgery is 2 minute walk away. Age 72, need someone to take me. Now cancelled because of level 4 Covid Response Action Plan! Last time Monkspath promised me a triage call, it took 5 weeks, because my name had been missed off the list. Monkspath used to be a good surgery. Since it became part of SHP it is absolutely dreadful.

Try getting an appointment

December 11, 2021
I have to agree with so many contributors here. This past week I had an issue (and still have) which I would like reviewing by a GP, but despite being told the surgery is closed at 7:59am and then being told the phones are at capacity 1 minute later, have been abruptly cut off. Then in a "you couldn't make it up" situation, I submitted a repeat prescription on the NHS app which was followed up by a text from a GP I haven't ever heard of saying they have approved the repeat this time, but I need to phone and make an appointment for a review before further repeats are authorised.

I laughed out loud!!

With everyone saying the same thing on here, it's clear that they simply don't care and giving a rating of one star is one star too many.

Can’t get through on phone

December 11, 2021
Just can’t get through in the phone ,
Old surgery better
Robert Witherington

SHP Telephone system is awful

December 8, 2021
Almost impossible to get through on phone and some of the reception staff are rude . If and when you can manage to get to see/speak to a doctor they are fine but by then you’ve lost all hope and patience. I appreciate these are difficult times but they need to put more resources into their systems.

covid vaccine for 16 year old

November 19, 2021
Was invited to book s 2nd Covid vaccine for 16 year old-assumed it was within the guidelines so booked, but when we arrived on 11th nov he was turned away because only one dose being offered. Rules changed less that a week later, but when I rang to book they said “ he is already booked in”. So I don’t expect he would have been invited this tome if I hadn’t telephoned. Obviously their system is letting them down.

Better than I expected

November 16, 2021
I was on hold for about 10 minutes to book my flu jab, which isn't excessive and the queue position information is helpful (allowing me to get on with other things until it was my turn). When I got through, the appointment was made efficiently.
Peter McChesney

Inaccessible by phone, no appointments.

November 11, 2021
Unable to even join telephone queue to make an appointment as queues have been full on most occasions, advises patients to go to surgery at 8.30 a.m. to try to get appointment but they are gone before you even get there. This was such a good practice before it became part of SHP.

Unable to change, unable to serve patients

October 27, 2021
Longtime patient with Monkspath Surgery that was, now sadly part of SHP. They are awful and do not deserve the word 'care' in their name. They don't care about us their patients. It has taken them over two years to get my repeat prescription ready, whichever way I have used to ask. Let alone provide a review, now overdue even longer. My medical record has been corrupted so many times I despair. Yes, I have asked them to get this right - by visiting and emailing. No response. They NEGLECT senior citizens. Arrogance, mismanagement, incompetence and a lack of genuine two-way communications with their patients - who pay for this. No wonder so many, including family members, have gone private. Incredibly after all the changes made and criticism their phone system lets patients down, instead they urge call 111 or stand outside a surgery at 8AM to book an appointment.

Access on phone lines is impossible

October 27, 2021
Phone lines are full to capacity and GPs unwilling to see patients face to face. My son had tonsillitis for 3 weeks and was finally admitted to hospital verging on sepsis due to a GP not willing to see him or swab his throat, The hospital admission could have been prevented. I am surprised that SHP have been allowed to operate in such a manner for so long!

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