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Doctors vary as now part of SHP

October 26, 2021
Phone lines still appalling, not enough appointments available.
Reminds me of Little Britain - " Computer says no"

Impossible to get an appointment

October 26, 2021
I can’t tell you what the treatment is like as I can’t make an appointment. Tried 3 times to get an appointment over the phone. System is always at capacity so can’t even join a queue. In lockdown this was blamed on lack of staff due to. Covid. Now we’re out of lockdown the situation is worse. During lockdown you could at least join the queue. Tried on line but the odds of getting one of the few appointments before they are snapped up must be similar to winning the lottery. Went to the surgery yesterday but the only appointment available in a months time was on a date when I am due to be out of town. They told me to come back next week when more appointments will be released. This process is an absolute shambles. My medical issues (I hope) are not life threatening but if this situation continues someone will die. It’s as serious as that. No one seems to care.
Steve Nunnington

Cant get through the phone.

October 24, 2021
Phone always say reached full capacity when we called . Even tried one day at 7.59am says closed, called at 8am and messages says.. call back later we have reached our capacity.

Unable to get through

October 19, 2021
I have spent the past 36 hours constantly trying to get through regarding my 90 year old mother who has been very ill for the past 10 days (not Covid). You don't even have the luxury of joining a queue now! Completely negligent and not fit for purpose. In desperation we called 111 to hear another recorded message that they are extremely busy, ring your local pharmacist.

Flu jab this morning at the community hub

September 17, 2021
Organised brilliantly - moving queue- I was out back in my car in about 8 minutes- friendly staff

Hit and miss.

September 12, 2021
Can’t get through on phone. Can’t get face to face appointments. I am told if per chance you are the one lucky one that does get to see a GP then the treatment is still good.

Can't get an appt

September 10, 2021
What's to tell? People are being left to suffer! It's disgraceful!

Very concerned by the inadequate phone lines.

September 10, 2021
I had a health query and could not get to speak to a doctor even after sitting in long queues. I eventually sent my query via patient access in detail but still received a generic irrelevant answer. I did not feel that my query had been read by a gp.


September 7, 2021
Difficult to get through on the phone and then offered a phone call by a doctor if receptionist thinks you need it usually 3/4 weeks ahead. No face to face appointments to see a GP. Disgraceful service.

impossible to see a GP

September 6, 2021
My elderly neighbours have had so much difficulty in getting a GP appointment. They cannot use technology easily and many times I’ve had to help. Why is it so difficult to get a GP appointment. Then there is getting blood tests. Extremely difficult. My neighbour has a medical condition that is supposed to have blood tests before repeat prescriptions. This has not happened. My other neighbour has diabetes and has not been monitored for a long time. How can this be an excellent primary care service? Since this PCN it all seems to have fallen apart abs they are using Covid 19 as an excuse. This needs to be looked at urgently and rectified.

SHP - Monkspath Surgery


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