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Broken system

June 25, 2022
Not had to get in touch, however why are the GPs not back at work. When an appointment is required you have to go through the telephone system which places you in a waiting queue which can take upto 2 hours.
The healthcare needs to get more doctors.
We are not getting the service we used to get and since post covid this has changed alot.
The whole healthcare system is broken and needs to be revisited especially the SHP partnership

SHP partner ship is not working

June 25, 2022
It is shocking since post covid it now takes 40-45 minutes to try and get an appointment and if you are at work who can access it then. what about if your have an elderly family member, they are not going to be able to access the service or hold for that long.
With the long waiting times on the phone and no call back service
I went in on a Monday for an appointment but that was only because i kept constantly calling. there are not many appointments for the day being offered.
The surgeries under the SHP are still using the Covid as an excuse which is not good enough.
GP are suppose to be the gateway to accessing other healthcare services but how this even possible if you cannot even see the GP for them to be able to make the referral
Solihull is mainly made of aging demographic and there needs to be more availability of appointments.
The SHP partnership is not working and was better when they were individual surgeries.
There are a lot of loopholes in the service.

Staff and reception are lovely

positive feedback

June 24, 2022
The service is getting better. I have not had to contact the GP that often but when I have had to, my experience has been good. I was not able to get a face to face appointment however they were able to offer me a telephone appointment although it takes a couple of months to when the next appointment is provided for.

I see the nurse for blood tests which i am able to get and communication is generally good.

It takes a couple of month to get referred for an appointment

89 attempts

June 16, 2022
I called SHP Wednesday 4th May, it’s took me 89 attempts to just get into the queue and once I was in the queue it took 1 hour and 5 mins before I spoke to a call navigator.
Once you are through and organised the appointment and you speak/see the Dr/Nurse etc. there is absolutely no complaints in that department. It’s actually getting to that point that is an absolute nightmare!

Long call wait times

June 1, 2022
Had to phone 2 or 3 times for an appointment and have to wait for at least 20 minutes - not always possible when working full time. Been waiting nearly 12 months for a minor op after being told it would be 3 months. Have followed up 3 times and still waiting…

Unable to access an appointment

May 9, 2022
Called multiple times over multiple days but lines always at capacity or holding in queue (45+ min) before being disconnected - went in person to surgery but next available appointment was not for 6 weeks !!!

Cannot contact by phone or online

April 5, 2022
My Wife who is diabetic had an endoscopy 1 month ago and was found to have 4 ulcers .4
Biopsies were taken and new medication was advised. We have heard nothing from our G.P and cannot get in touch.Surgery permanently busy.

Still can’t see a doctor and phoneline a joke

February 17, 2022
It would be easier to call the moon than to actually reach SHP.
Call lines always say at full capacity, after an excessively long pointless message. Can’t even get into a queue! Email and told that’s not procedure and to call lol. No online booking. Nurses are incredible but doctors just send you for blood tests then never do further investigations despite years of issues. And they have taken over all local surgeries so basically if you live in solihull you don’t get any healthcare provided

good, same day appointment

February 3, 2022
good, i managed to get a same day appointment. They are doing really well here, but I can't get through on the phones-other than that they are doing a very good job

not the care we used to get

February 3, 2022
It's difficult to get an appointment and see a doctor face to face. I don't feel like we get the care we used to

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