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Not helpful on frontline. Service does think

November 18, 2021
Try to call for an appointment- only if you are able to hold for 40 mins. Then repeat for several days before giving up. Not being able to ring for repeat prescriptions is not helpful. Elderly parents I care for having to have medication reviews 3 months at a time, go to reorder online but can’t, can’t get an appointment… what are you supposed to do…I work full time in social care. Wish they would just treat us better.

Over the amount of weeks just to phone the clinic

November 15, 2021
This clinic is one of the worst for getting an appointment everyday I was told to phone back at 8oclock to be told after 45-1hr of holding that all the appointments are full please phone bk I. Morning at 8 which I did for weeks
Dean Clayton

Poor communication

November 12, 2021
Croft medical centre

Very Poor

November 8, 2021
Unable to get an appointment, takes days to finally get one which then is only a phone appointment, having to send pictures to them!! which is totally wrong, especially when its parts of the body you would not want someone to see.

Retain doctors that will go above and beyond

October 21, 2021
Never had a problem myself with the doctors

It's impossible to have an appointment

October 19, 2021
It is impossible to book an appointment and if you are lucky to have one it's by phone. So how can you show or explain your symptoms. My last two appointments the doctors said it's normal and I have ended up admitted in the hospital, one of the situations with a kidney failure. This year my experience with a midwife was absolutely terrible. Her first phrase to me was "I shouldn't see you". She didn't care about me and everything that I was complaining she was only saying "it's normal". I was the one asking for vaccines and asking about the other stuff that it should came from her. Also she lied to me about pre natal classes and other stuff.
In overall this GP is absolutely a joke and a nightmare.

Terrible healthcare, diabolical receptionists

October 11, 2021
I ring for a doctors appointment , not to get rudeness and unprofessional staff on the other end of the phone !!

Cannot even get through to request an appoint

October 6, 2021
Have been trying to access my gp for over 8 weeks with absolutely zero success.


October 3, 2021
Awful service, receptionists are patronising & rude, impossible to be seen & an overall response of ‘couldn’t care less’. The only practitioner with a modicum of compassion is [name]. The complaints system is futile, I asked for a complaints procedure and was ignored. They think because we have to live in Chelmsley Wood that we’re all unemployed under class morons. Absolute disgrace, pathetic excuse for a health service. Go elsewhere and do not use!!

Long waiting times on phone to get appointmen

October 2, 2021
Constantly cut off while trying to contact surgery.

Croft Medical Centre



1 Pomeroy Way
Chelmsley Wood
B37 7WB


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