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Excellent care in majors

January 26, 2024
My elderly father spent 24 hours in A&E in a bay in majors. The doctors and nurses were wonderful with him, they handled him with dignity and care. They were very thorough in assessing him, he had an MRI and an ultrasound, before being admitted to a ward. The only negative was that it took so long for a bed to become available for him, but he did have a bed in his own cubical, and a relative was allowed to stay with him at all times which was appreciated.

Wonderful treatment but an awful wait

January 25, 2024
I waited 9 hours to be seen in the A&E department. The treatment was wonderful but the wait was awful, and it made me very cross. The cost travelling to the hospital is very expensive for me too, we need and A&E department at UHB Solihull.

Made to feel like a criminal!

January 24, 2024
I attended the hospital for a procedure, and was made to feel like a criminal by the medical team. I was questioned about how I had got there and why I was there when I am housebound with complex medical conditions and disabled. I was made to feel like a fraud! I told them I had got there with great difficulty, but with the assistance of family members who felt that I should not miss the appointment and procedure. My experience was awful being treated in such a manner. I am elderly and my frailty and difficulties are clearly visible. I was treated terribly.

Excellent care on Ward 10

January 24, 2024
The whole team on Ward 10 have been excellent. The clerk, cleaners, doctors and nurses have all been wonderful with my Dad who has dementia. The physio team have been great too visiting him regularly and getting him up and about, despite his frail condition. I am very satisfied with the care he has received. I have felt that he is safe and is being well cared for, which gives our family great peace of mind and comfort at a difficult time.


January 24, 2024
Complaining to PALS is pointless, they just aid and cover up the problems in the hospital. I am scared to complain about my treatment because I work here, and I would fear for my job if I did.

Waiting 3 months for respiratory appointment

January 24, 2024
I have been waiting since November for an appointment at the respiratory clinic. My experience has not been satisfactory. No one should have to wait months for an appointment with the respiratory team, living and working with my symptoms is very difficult.

Poor, no duty if care in any department.

January 21, 2024
I was told they needed to rule out a stroke but I was sent home 6 hours later with no assessment or explanation

Children's appointments cancelled

January 10, 2024
My child's treatment has been impacted by a number of cancelled appointments and procedures. It is not good enough, my child is suffering which in turn impacts our whole family.

Very happy with the care provided

January 9, 2024
I have been very happy with the care my mum has received here. She has been admitted and had to attend a number of appointments, following a number of bad falls. I cannot fault the service we have received.

Inexperienced surgeon led to errors made

January 5, 2024
I had an operation carried out and an inexperienced surgeon caused a perforation. It was rectified, but led to a delay in my recovery, and I was in hospital for an extra three weeks. My experience was not very good.

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