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A very good servce

May 13, 2024
I care for my elderly parent who has dementia and other health conditions. I find the surgery very accommodating when I need to book appointments for them. I have encountered no problems accessing appointments for myself either. We are quite often offered appointment other surgeries which is not a problem.

Quite often seen at other SHP surgeries

May 13, 2024
I find the surgery quite good, although you are expected to travel to other surgeries for appointments which is ok for me.

Often asked to attend other surgeries

May 10, 2024
I find the surgery quite good, although I do quite often get asked to attend other surgeries for appointments, which is ok.

My dad has a very good doctor

May 9, 2024
I care for my elderly father, and his doctor at Grove Surgery is very very good. The biggest problem we have encountered is poor communication between the GP, the respiratory team and the district nurses. I have had to do so much chasing for information and requesting that they share information with each other. It has been very stressful.

Sent elsewhere for emergency tests

May 7, 2024
I asked for an emergency appointment to have bloodwork done and was told I couldn't be seen here and had to go to Shirley. I was told to catch the bus but I was not able to do this due to health issues. In the end I went to a private GP because access is so poor through SHP.

Hard to get a doctors appointment

May 3, 2024
I have found it so hard to get a doctors appointment that I have paid privately to see a GP. I just cannot get through on the telephone.

New to surgery but good so far

April 18, 2024
I am new to the surgery and I have found them to be good so far. I have not experienced any difficulties.

Overall a good service

January 30, 2024
Overall I am happy with the service although it can be difficult to get an appointment. The diabetes nurse is excellent. Parking is limited but I do manage to park ok with my blue badge.

Excellent service easy to access

January 30, 2024
I cannot fault the surgery. I have no problems getting appointments, and I receive text message reminders to book in for routine appointments. I find it easiest to pop into the surgery to book appointments. The doctors were excellent during a recent cancer diagnosis and treatment.

They try and send you to different surgeries

January 25, 2024
I wanted an appointment with the doctor about my ongoing medical problems. They tried to send me to a different surgery. I told them I am not well enough to drive or use public transport and that I am walking distance from my surgery. Accessing appointments is difficult, the service they offer is rubbish.

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