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SHP Service Model is flawed

November 2, 2021
Have complained before about the business model adopted by SHP, it is just flawed and inadequate in its delivery. Cannot get through on phones or long waits in a queue (47 minutes recently) , or the phone system is often full and rejects you. The medical service is good and caring but getting to experience it is virtually impossible. Had several recent difficulties with the way some things are done and actually sent a formal complaint to SHP in mid September using their online complaints form. No response whatsoever, chased it twice using their form, still silence. It simply isn't good enough - not being rhetorical here but stating a fact!

Absolutely horrendous.

October 23, 2021
Tried ringing continuously over 2 days to speak to doctor, before finally getting through. Had tonsillitis - receptionist recommended paracetamol and a syrup from pharmacist?? Finally after arguing, got an appointment to see doctor. Doctor who was horrified at how severe my white spots in throat were and prescribed antibiotics. Anyone older or more ill would have not persevered to get appointment.
On another occasion had to get a repeat prescription for an acute condition, which had previously presented 5 years ago. Got through to surgery after 4 days of ringing. Got a telephone appointment to speak to doctor in one month's time. Had to bear the pain for over 4 weeks before I got prescription.

Phone lines overloaded everyday. I tried all

September 6, 2021
Only issue is access to phone call navigator. Overloaded and told message to try again. I do. This is not serving the community. Nor no online apps I too ill to use energy. Very down anxious isolated

Used to be excellent

August 27, 2021
The new triage system makes it almost impossible to see a GP The phone system is not fit for purpose. The old system worked perfectly before Covid

Staff at SHP are polite,always receive a good

August 21, 2021
Before Covid and through Covid I have always found Receptionist Staff helpful,polite and willing to listen.Never had a problem receiving a call back from the GP's, (The amount of pressure from the last 18months on the NHS Services is unbelievable,they have struggled through and always remained professional throughout).
Yes I have health problems, but remain patience with them, never had a bad experience from any Dr at SHP, Keep up the good work.
Yvette Williamson

This system does not work!

August 20, 2021
Have to go surgery to book appointment. GP’s do not follow up on going issues. Incorrect prescriptions. Terrible communication. Letters from hospitals, consultants never followed up and take weeks/months to be scanned in. No explanation given if you make a complaint. Poor care for the elderly. Quite frankly we feel that we do it have a service anymore and have to resort to going private on a number of occasions.
Nichol Hodkinson

Difficulty in booking an investigation

August 20, 2021
Wanted to book a smear test with a named nurse rather long drawn out requests by email, helpful but didn't allow me to know who I was booking with which I could previously in the end I cancelled my appointment as I just didn't feel confident in attending

Ridiculous wait times and poor service.

August 3, 2021
We all understand the issues surrounding Covid however the wait times are totally unacceptable. Generally an hour on hold. One time recently was an hour and 15 minutes when I had to put the phone down due to commitments. Staff don’t call you back to follow things up so if there is action required you have to keep calling to continually chase things (and again hanging on phone for an hour). It often feels like a losing battle, banging your head against a brick wall and I dread to think of how many people are being forgotten about who cannot continually chase things up themselves. Not been impressed either with the doctors response or attitude, of course actually getting to speak to a doctor is almost impossible.


July 21, 2021
Left in the telephone queue 50 plus waiting absolutely awful

Utter shambles and not fit for purpose

July 14, 2021
Irratic response times on calls, often exceeds 45 mins to answer, triage process is dangerous - unqualified people making decisions about how to deal with your problem. Call back times are rarely met, meaning you have to put hours aside to wait for a conversation with a doctor. No online appointment options and very limited chance of ever seeing a doctor. It is failing people at every stage and in particular I feel for older patients who are most in need and least likely to understand what on earth is going on. They need investigating urgently.

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