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Being forced to go private

November 27, 2023
I don't have problems getting appointments, when I need one my request is normally accommodated. I have been left disappointed by how long I have had to wait for a cortisone injection which was first requested in March 2023.

Poor communication & lack of empathy

November 16, 2023
I have a number of issues with the surgery and SHP systems. As an adult with a diagnosis of ASD I feel that the doctors do not listen to me and dismiss my concerns. I feel that when I have parent support at appointments I am taken more seriously. The receptionists are good but can be unhelpful when I have explained that I have been told to book directly with certain medical staff they tell me that I cannot pre-book appointments. The appointment system does not work. It is not acceptable to hold on the telephone for an hour, to be told that there are no appointments, and that my only option is to try again and call the next day. There needs to be a pre-bookable appointment system that patients can access online. Communication between doctors and administrative staff is poor. I recently needed a sick note and spoke to a member of staff, to then be told that my request was not in the system. I had to prove that I had spoken to someone for the problem to be rectified, I asked the staff member to check on the system but I was told they did not have time. Some members of staff can be rude and abrupt, and do not seem to care. I had to fill out an assessment form but communication was poor and the process was not clearly explained to me, meaning that I failed to provide things that were required. This delayed my assessment.

Uncaring and patients are just a number

October 25, 2023
I truly don’t know where to start.

Very accommodating

October 13, 2023
The surgery has always been very accommodating when required. I do not visit the doctor often, and my spouse cares for me. They arrange and make contact with the doctors for me when I need to visit them.

Good service but difficult to make contact

October 13, 2023
I experience of the surgery is quite mixed. I was very happy with the service received from a doctor when I attended the surgery with a knee problem. I was examined and referred straight away, which I was very pleased with. I have more recently experienced problems when phoning for an appointment. I waited on hold for 30 minutes and when I was first in the queue the phone line cut me off. This was very frustrating.

Problems with restricted medication

October 6, 2023
My husband take restricted medication and can only get one months supply at a time. One months supply is 28 tablets and some months have 31 days which means that sometimes we run short. We recently had to cancel a weekend away as we could not get my husbands medication any earlier for him to take while away, despite visiting the surgery. It was very disappointing.

The service is improving

October 6, 2023
I am pleased to say that the surgery is improving. The care navigators are helpful and deal with enquiries well.

Lovely staff

October 5, 2023
This is not my surgery but I have been sent here a few times as they are within the SHP. My experience has always been brilliant because of the wonderful staff.

Poor phone waiting times

September 15, 2023
You have to wait on phone for ages only to always be told no routine appointments phone again earlier, not easy when you work in a busy job

Very good when you manage to see them

September 5, 2023
The doctors are very good when you get to see them, but booking an appointment is very difficult. I was recently sent an appointment from them to attend the clinic next door for a general check up. This went very well, and the clinic was run very well.

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