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Unable to get through on telephone

November 13, 2020
Every time I telephone I am in a queue which I accept. When my call is answered and I explain my issues I am told I will be passed to a colleague and then find I am in another queue at around number 40. This call is never answered and I am cut off.
James Seery

Disgusting, incompetent service

November 13, 2020
2 hour wait times
Will not see babies with temperatures
Told to call 999
Shirking responsibility to A and E

Poor attitude of some staff

November 13, 2020
Long waiting times for phone calls to be answered, long delay in referral to hospital, poor handling of prescription requests

Only 1 star because I can’t select 0

November 13, 2020
2 hour call waiting times. SHP reporting 8 mins, who are they kidding?? Maybe to get through to the first person who passes you through to another queue. Lack of children and midwife services. No appointment to see midwife until 32 weeks despite being high risk. Only got seen then as made complaint!

Aweful waiting times and very abrupt attitude

November 13, 2020
Over 50 th in queue, bad attitude by receptionist and then put into further +40 queue. Message said could be done online so put down phone and tried only to find my patient access was blocked for appointments.

Phone waiting time

November 13, 2020
I telephoned the surgery and waited 30 minutes for the call to be answered I was then referred to another team and put into another phone queue and waited a further 40 minutes before this was answered. Solihull Healthcare Partnership appears to be operating as a call centre rather than a GP surgery. Appalling service, very difficult to speak to anyone, I asked to speak to the Practice Manager but was in a meeting. Worst thing that happened joining Partnership.

Good GPs but terrible phone answering.

November 13, 2020
very helpful staff when you get through but it took me 1 hour 44minutes to speak to someone for 4 minutes! Telephone answering times has let them down terribly!

Long wait and upsetting treatment

November 13, 2020
On 11th Nov I called Shirley Medical Centre for a doctor's note. This was because I had coronavirus and wasn't well enough to return to work after the 10 days' isolation. I was number 39 in the queue and waited 1 hour and 5 mins for the call to be answered. When the call was finally answered my details were taken and I was promised a call back, which I received 3 hours later. At the call back, the staff member told me I couldn't have a sick note, as the doctor (Dr Ali) didn't believe I had coronavirus. Their records only showed a negative test result (which I had had 3 days prior to the positive). I offered to send my positive test result or to explain my symptoms to the GP, but the staff member repeatedly stated that their records were fully up-to-date. I became very upset on the phone, as I was also feeling so unwell at the time. Eventually she went back to the GP, who did issue a note but there was no apology or any acknowledgement that I was actually telling the truth. I very rarely visit the GP at all, so was incredibly shocked at being assumed to be dishonest.
I contacted the surgery later that day - I did not make a complaint but simply left some feedback - that I believed there may be issues with patients' records from track and trace. I have had no reply to this.

I feel so distressed by the whole encounter - I have ongoing symptoms that I would like to discuss with a GP, but I actually feel I can't use this service again. I know that the NHS is dealing with very difficult circumstances and patients are prepared to make allowances, but I don't think this extends to the waiting times or the level of care that I have received.
Claire Foster

waiting on phone for well over an hour

November 13, 2020
The service is very poor, why is union road surgery closed for so long ? have had to travel to monkspath surgery to see a Doctor. AT COST TO ME, have to hire a taxi their and back £10.6. cost .
I live across the road in Elizabeth Grove 5min walk;

Waiting on phone for 1 1/2 hours!!!!

November 9, 2020
I needed a referral as I found a lump in my breast. I waiting over 1 1/2 hours to speak to the appointments team. This is NOT good enough. They say that you should see a doctor and don’t put it off, how are we supposed to do this if you don’t have the people on the phone to talk to?? I couldn’t use any other service and I’ve had breast cancer before so I had to stay on hold as I am worried about this new lump. What are you doing about your terrible service??
Suzanne Cole

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