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Phone line's are constantly full.

October 19, 2021
Every time I have called phone line's are full. Not taking anymore calls call back later, called all different times of the day same thing.
Rita Cort

Can never get through on the phone lines!

September 18, 2021
Need to see a doctor about my asthma which has been out of control lately, next available appointment is in 4 weeks! Can’t even get some inhalers before then. I had a chest X-ray back in Aug and still no results?!

Waiting in a long telephone queue

September 10, 2021
Every time I have called surgery at different times of day the same thing over and over again. A long waiting time of 30 or 40 people before me and then after waiting awhile operator -mans voice “we are extremely busy tried later “and the phone is disconnected. A disgraceful service .
Patricia Hickey

Unable to get an appointment. Poor service

September 8, 2021
My family have been with this doctor's surgery for 40 years. It has become progressively worse. I work full time and have found it literally impossible to get anyone to answer the phone. Even when the phone is answered I am informed there are no available appointments. After trying to phone the surgery for a week I gave up and drove there. I was told there were no appointments but it was best to come in personally to get an appointment. I was indeed there. But of course no availability to see a doctor. It is with regret that I have now transferred to another doctors. The whole situation is ridiculous. I have no issue with the doctors themselves.

55k patients, 33 GPS - diabolical

September 2, 2021
How is this still going on? Hours on the phone (IF you can even get though to the waiting list) then weeks for a phone appointment.
This is abuse and neglect, they have known about these issues for 18 months and it’s only getting worse. It’s only a matter of time before someone dies.

It took me 3 days to get threw to reception,

August 27, 2021
As I said above 3days to finally get to speak to someone. I had had a letter to say I needed a blood test. A doctor phoned me from a surgery in Solihull Grove Rd. Never been there had to get a taxi cost £12, I could have used public transport but it is a long walk for me from bus stop as I have knee problems.
Rita Cort

A long wait for unorganised mess

August 27, 2021
Very rarely can i ring the surgery and get into a phone queue as its always full

My first pregnancy they failed to tell me i had strep b, i only found out the results were not shared at point of booking what i thought was going to be a water birth. Due to this news i had to go to hesrtlands.

I was not referred when i logged my 2nd pregnancy at 6 weeks

I have been told il receive call back, only to get a one tone if that

I have waited for phone appointments only to then be told i shouldn't have been told its a phone appointment as i need to have blood tests

The information provided is inconsistent across staff

I raised a complaint to then be told i couldn't raise a complaint. Though conflicting details were shared in the very same email.

Call Navigators are not Doctors

August 24, 2021
Call Navigators who are not medically trained should not be making decisions on whether or not you see a doctor. My relative was refused an appointment and ended up in hospital

Beyond a Joke

August 22, 2021
Can't get through on the phone, Can't get appointments, Can't see a GP, When you managed to get a phone appointment they don't call you! Not very good really is it? In fact it's downright disgusting!

It’s always a fight on the phone !

August 21, 2021
If you get through the likelihood of seeing a doctor is zero! Why do you have to explain to reception about your issues - it’s the doctors that’s are qualified not reception staff.

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