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Hard to access on the phone

August 20, 2021
No reviews on your medication also felt let down when my husband was suffering from cancer and passed away in September 2020
Pauline cotton

Unable to get an appointment

August 20, 2021
Holding on the phone for over 40 minutes then to be told no appointments....try again tomorrow, same thing again, full to capacity or in a queue for a ridiculous amount of time, again no appointments! What do you do, you can't even get to see your GP now


July 21, 2021
So poor neither myself or my husband bother contacting them we would rather just be ill, they do not care at all. From being prescribed the wrong medication to just not being listened too, hospitals have sent referrals back to the gp to do follow ups.... no one bothers and cant get in touch to organise ourselves

Telephone system not fit for purpose

April 26, 2021
It took a month to arrange an overdue blood test and waiting time on the telephone was 50 minutes. I missed several calls from the doctor as I was not advised they where going to call me and no time given when they where calling. Long waiting times on telephones

Really hit and miss- no consistency

April 21, 2021
I have waited for over an hour on the phone to the surgery but I’ve also waited only minutes . I have experienced extremely helpful receptionists who have gone above and beyond but also really rude receptionists who clearly don’t enjoy their job. However- when I do finally get to speak with a DR they are great! Especially those from Monkspath Surgery. Thorough. Professional. Reassuring.
Such a shame that’s it’s such a negative experience actually getting an appointment with them , on the phone or otherwise.

Under staffed and too many patients

April 21, 2021
Very long wait on a phoneline and difficult to get an appointment. In most cases I dont bother anymore.

Telephone calls are a nightmare

April 20, 2021
I have to contact the surgery on behalf of my elderly parent and dread having to make contact as it invariably involves a very protracted call of up to an hour holding the line (completely impractical when I am employed).
I admire how the staff have coped, but the 'system' is inadequate and time consuming from my experience.
Staff are very pleasant when you eventually get through, but you need dogged determination and a clear diary - I wouldn't want to do it if I were ill!

Appalling patient communication

April 20, 2021
Since the formation of SHP, contacting the surgery for appointments/prescription queries has become an ordeal - can't get through to a receptionist, can't book appointments in advance, can't see preferred GP for continuity of care. Once obtaining an appointment the clinical team is great, but really really let down by inefficient and frustrating administrative practices including delayed referrals to secondary care.

Unable to contact GP

April 13, 2021
Inadequate phone system and now online access for medical enquiries has been unavailable since 26/3/21. More pressure now on phone lines means you can’t actually get in the queue to be the 50th caller. If you are lucky enough to be able to get in the queue, you are on hold for at least 30-45 minutes and that’s just the first queue!

Once in the system, it’s painful. Eg Text message from GP to ring up for routine appointment to discuss results. 25 minutes on phone holding before being told no routine spots available and to ring again at 8:00am the next day or to ring after 2:30 pm to see if the routine appointments are available for 2 weeks time. It would make more sense for GP to send text with appointment time.
In 21st century, this is NOT a 21st century service; it’s gone backwards.
Deborah Harrison

GP that you can't contact!

April 1, 2021
Since the surgeries have become part of the partnership (SHP) I have experienced ridiculous wait times on hold to get through to the surgery on the telephone and if there are more than 50 in already in "the queue" you are now simply unable to hold and have to try later! Early in the pandemic it was worse (I once waited almost 2 hours) the latest this week (March 2021) it was only a 49 minute wait after 3 tries!

The online system is difficult to navigate and unpredictable, meaning telephoning is sometimes the only choice (no online contact available at all this week, hence having to call). Goodness knows how the elderly get on!

Usually, once actually in contact, the surgery staff and doctors have been great but after having a telephone consultation in early December (9th) with the doctor concluding I needed an urgent referral, then discovering on chasing up that the referral wasn't even processed until 31st December I can no longer trust this surgery. That is NOT an urgent referral by anyone's standards!
L Foster

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