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Attended quickly & transferred to hospital

July 14, 2023
We had to call for an ambulance when my dad became very unwell. They attended quite quickly and assessed and transferred him straight to hospital with suspected sepsis. The team were wonderful, they took good care of my dad and did their best to reassure my mum who was very concerned.

Wonderful Staff & Excellent Care

July 13, 2023
An ambulance was requested by a fast response paramedic to attend and transport my husband to hospital with suspected sepsis. The staff were wonderful, very kind and caring and were wonderful with my husband who has dementia. They were very reassuring. The wait was not too long.

Excellent paramedics

June 30, 2023
An ambulance was called by the care home my mother resides in. They arrived in a reasonable amount of time and took very good care of my mum who was unwell and who has dementia. She was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

Not fit for purpose

June 17, 2023
Transport turned up so late I missed my hospital appointment.

7 hour wait for medical help

June 5, 2023
I became unwell and needed medical help. I was unable to move and could not make my own way to the hospital. A relative attended to care for me, and called 111 before being told to dial 999. The call handler was helpful but advised that the wait was 5 hours for an ambulance. I waited 7 hours in total from 10pm to 5am. It was a very distressing time for me and for my relative who came to my aid. We received no call backs from 999 to assess my situation during the time. Once the ambulance arrived the paramedics were great but the wait made the experience very poor.

Quick response & very good care

June 2, 2023
The ambulance arrived very quickly. The care and treatment received from the paramedics was very good.

Waited over 7 hours on the cold hard pavement

June 1, 2023
I had a bad fall outside my home after blacking out. Luckily a neighbour came to my aid and called an ambulance. I waited over 7 hours for the ambulance to arrive. I could not be moved and was in extreme pain (from a broken hip). It really was the worst experience of my life at 82 years old laying on the cold hard pavement for all that time. When the ambulance arrived the staff could not have been nicer and did their best for me. On transporting me to the hospital I had to be transferred from one ambulance to another which was another inconvenience that added to the horrible experience of waiting for such a long time for medical help.

Arrived quickly after call back

May 10, 2023
My husband called an ambulance for me. After hanging up they called back and asked if we could make our own way to accident and emergency at Heartlands hospital. We stated that we could but my symptoms worsened and my husband called back to explain. An ambulance arrived within 10 to 15 minutes and took me in to the hospital.

Excellent service & outstanding paramedics

May 9, 2023
An ambulance was called as I was experiencing stroke symptoms. The ambulance arrived quickly and the paramedics were excellent taking great care of me from the point of arrival to my admission to hospital.

8 hour wait for an ambulance

May 5, 2023
I rang for an ambulance because I was feeling really unwell and just knew that something was not right. I was told that there was an 8 hour wait and that I should make my own way to A&E. I really did not feel well enough to make my own way there and when my symptoms deteriorated further I called 999 again. This time they gave me a telephone triage appointment with a paramedic but would still not send an ambulance. Long story short I had sepsis and have been very seriously ill. Lack of ambulances is not a good service and this was a bad experience.

West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust


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