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No ambulance available for stroke patient

December 14, 2023
I suffered a massive stroke and a colleague dialed 999. We were told there was no ambulance available to attend for a stroke and that I had to be taken to the nearest A&E department. It was an awful experience.

Fantastic - arrived quickly

December 13, 2023
I called and was told by the operator that there would be a waiting time of up to 4 hours, but to call back if anything changed. My husband's condition deteriorated very quickly and I called back. An ambulance arrived in 17 minutes, during which time the operator stayed on the line with me and directed me on how to assist my husband. They were very helpful and kept me calm. When the paramedics arrived they were fantastic.

12 hour wait

December 11, 2023
I waited 12 hours for the ambulance to arrive. The paramedics put me off going to the hospital because of the waiting times and how busy they said it was.

The paramedics saved my life

November 16, 2023
An ambulance was called when I became very unwell, caused by my diabetes. The ambulance arrived quickly, and the paramedics were fantastic. Without their fast response, and quick medical intervention, I would have died.

Good service, did not wait too long

November 16, 2023
I became unwell and an ambulance was called. It arrived quickly and they recommended that I attend A&E. The paramedics were wonderful and very thorough in their care.

Arrived quickly

November 7, 2023
I have had a number of medical emergencies over the past year and ambulances have been called. They have always arrived very quickly and I suspect it is because I live with a heart condition. The staff are always very good.

8 hour wait for bedbound patient

November 2, 2023
I had to call am ambulance because my 84 year old mother became very unwell. I was told that there was an 8 hour wait and to call back if symptoms worsened. I called back several times and each time I was told to bring her in myself. I have to continually explain that she is bedbound and unable to walk and that we were unable to get her there safely. I cannot believe how long it took for them to arrive for an elderly patient who was very unwell.

Told that we would wait 5 hours

November 1, 2023
My elderly neighbour had a bad fall, they could not move or talk. I called for an ambulance and was not impressed at the long call that asked lots of questions that were difficult to answer, such as how much blood loss would it be a cup full or a bucket fall! I was told that an ambulance would take approximately 5 hours to get to us. I told them that this was unacceptable and they just told me to call back if symptoms got worse.

6 hour wait in ambulance

October 30, 2023
The ambulance arrived quickly. The paramedics were fantastic. I spent over 6 hours in the ambulance outside A&E because there was no room for me in the department. The staff were wonderful and took great care of me, it must have been just as frustrating for them as it was for me and my family.

Arrived very quickly to heart attack patient

October 20, 2023
I had to call an ambulance for my mum who became very unwell with a suspected heart attack. The ambulance arrived very quickly and took good care of my mum. It was very scary, and they were very reassuring.

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