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Lovely staff

November 3, 2023
I attended an appointment with a surgeon, but was referred to Heartlands Hospital for a CT scan. I was happy with how the appointment went, the staff were all lovely.

Very happy with my experience & treatment

October 19, 2023
I was very happy with the treatment I received at Good Hope hospital. The department was well organised, I was always seen in good time and the staff were great.

Treat their patients well but not each other

October 3, 2023
The staff are lovely people and treated me with kindness and care. What upset me was how obvious it was that staff were so unhappy in their professions. They were lovely to patients but not to each other. I felt very uncomfortable and it did not make for a nice experience witnessing 'office politics', and staff being spoken to so rudely by their superiors. The communication from the hospital needs to be improved too. Letters have not arrived, and I have been sent incorrect information regarding face to face appointments when the hospital called to confirm a telephone appointment instead. These issues need to be addressed to improved patient experience.

Good care but far to travel to

September 1, 2023
I recently attended Good Hope Hospital for a colonoscopy. The staff were very nice and the appointment went well, but it took me 3.5 hours to travel there when I live much closer to Solihull Hospital and Heartlands Hospital. I have requested that future appointments are not at Good Hope as navigating the long journey on public transport was very difficult and not a nice experience.

Good care but too far to travel

September 1, 2023
The care received from the ophthalmology department was very good but it took me 3.5 hours to get there on public transport from Solihull. I had been treated previously at Solihull Hospital and I have now requested that all future appointments take place there.

Excellent care from very kind staff

August 4, 2023
I recently spent time om wards 15 and 21, where I was treated for asthma problems and bronchitis. My experience was brilliant, the nurses were very kind. The food was good too.

Lack of aftercare following operation

August 2, 2023
I recently had a knee replacement at Good Hope Hospital. I was told that I would be out within 3 days following the operation but I was in for 12 nights and on morphine throughout my stay. I did not see a consultant at all after my operation and was not happy about this. I requested that follow up appointments be at an alternative hospital.

Excellent Cardiac Care

July 25, 2023
I had a pace maker fitted and have had follow up appointments since. My experience has been wonderful. The doctors and nurses were great and took good care of me.

Excellent treatment and care

July 13, 2023
I was rushed in by ambulance. I was quickly assessed and treated. I underwent emergency surgery and had a pace maker fitted. The care from the staff was wonderful and ongoing care has been excellent.

Operation cancelled at very last minute

July 3, 2023
I have been waiting a very long time for a knee replacement operation. I had attended numerous appointments, been for my pre op and seen 3 different doctors. On the day of the operation I was gowned up and ready to go but it was cancelled and I was told that I was now considered high risk. I will be reassessed in 3 months time but I was very disappointed and not happy with the service at all. Feel like the past few months had been a complete waste of my time and the time of the staff too.

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