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A very good experience

May 9, 2024
My father, who I care for, was admitted to Good Hope Hospital for treatment. I was very happy with the care and treatment he received. The hospital was immaculate, and the staff were wonderful.

Excellent care during biopsy appointment

May 1, 2024
I visited this hospital for a biopsy and received excellent care. I was early for both of my appointments here and was seen on time in both instances. The nurses were lovely and when I told them I was in pain I was offered local anaesthetic. Following my appointments I received letters within a week detailing what had happened during my appointments and a plan going forward.

Good continuity of care

April 10, 2024
I visited this hospital for check ups after a surgery. The aftercare and continuity of care was very good.

Successful surgery & well cared for

April 3, 2024
I had breast surgery at Good Hope Hospital. My experience was good, the staff were mostly very kind and caring. Post surgery my experience was not as good due to the attitude of one of the nurses who did not seem very kind or caring. Overall my experience was very good despite this.

A good service with excellent care received

March 6, 2024
I spent two weeks in Good Hope hospital as a patient, being treated for COPD complications. The doctors and nurses were very good. I was very happy with the good service I received.

Long wait in A&E but excellent care

February 29, 2024
After a poor experience at our closest A&E department at Heartlands I decided to go to the A&E department at Good Hope Hospital. I did still have quite a wait but overall my experience was much better due to the excellent care and treatment from the wonderful staff.

Excellent Stroke Services

February 29, 2024
I was treated at Good Hope Hospital following Stroke. The care I received was excellent. The staff were amazing, and were a great help during my recovery and rehabilitation.

Excellent maternity experience

February 26, 2024
I gave birth here and my maternity experience was excellent. The midwives were great.

Excellent ophthalmology care

February 19, 2024
I have received excellent care at Good Hope hospital. I had laser eye surgery that went very well. My sight has been saved and I am incredibly grateful.

I felt safe & well looked after during labour

February 9, 2024
I had to have my baby at Good Hope Hospital because there was no room at Heartlands for me. I had a very positive experience. The midwives and doctors were very good, and I felt safe and well looked after.

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