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Not enough doctors

May 12, 2021
I have been trying to get an appointment for over 3 months phoni g at 8am everyday about my daughters skin condition there has been times where I am 2nd in the queue and been on the line for over an hour and to be told there's no appointments and most of the time when I phone it says the phoneline is in full capacity and they can't take my call

Discussing behaviour from doctors!!!

May 8, 2021
Terminally ill cancer patient refused to be seen by a doctor as it was too late on a Friday evening!!! This is disgusting told to contact district nurse ourselves even tho obviously distraught unhelpful inconsiderate no compassion at all was not interested at all!!

Rude receptionists / can’t ever speak to anyo

May 4, 2021
Receptionists are rude always stood outside having a fag together with nurses ! Seem to be in able to work out that 10 appointments a day doesn’t work when you can’t even speak to anyone to book an appointment for children!! Staff tell you no appointments yet you can see the same people being seen by the doctors that have no appointments ! Unable to dispense prescriptions in a timely manner if they even send it to the pharmacy at all

Can never get an appointment

April 30, 2021
I phoned once for a complete week for an appointment for my daughter they told me to phone 111 I have tried to explain this is not appropriate as it is an ongoing health condition not a new or wording condition. I was still told to ring them I was sent to an out of hours g.p in castle Bromwich who gave me a prescription that he didn’t even sign. Then my the receptionist at Kingshurst refused to ask the g.p to sign it or reperscribe and told me to call 111 again
I was also told to see my own g.p within 24 hours again could not get appointment for a week
Jazmine palmer

Never get through on the phone.

April 28, 2021
30 seconds after the phones open you can't get through. If you manage to get through you end up with a receptionist who wants to know your whole life before telling you they have no appointments left.

Terrible ,poor practice

April 28, 2021
No doctors available, no appointment ,poor receptionists

Waste of time like every other time

April 25, 2021
Problems not sorted as usual all they seem to want to do is blood tests


April 24, 2021
Can never get through and never get an appointment.

Terrible surgery

April 24, 2021
Can never get an appointment even ringing them at 8am


April 24, 2021
Receptionists are like bull dogs. They tell you you don't need a GP (even though as a registered healthcare professional myself I know what I need) or to ring 111. 111 are a signposting service not a GP surgery and they can't help with routine things. Why can't GPs see patients face to face anymore. It's It's pandemic I get it but I can sit with a hairdresser for 2 hrs why not a GP for 10 min. GPs have become lazy and disinterested in tgeir patients and are failing in their duty of care. I needed to be seen due to an ankle problem and the GP was not interested. I ended up at the urgent treatment centre who sent me to A&E.

Kingshurst Medical Practice



40 Gilson Way
West Midlands
B37 6BE


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