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Terrible when dealing with prescriptions

October 22, 2021
I became unwell in July 2020 and over the last 18 months there has been a huge amount of issues with my medications, prescriptions and general service. The communication between myself, the pharmacist and the practice is fairly none existent. When having changes in my medications whether this be the new one I am currently taking or a adjusted dose, I have had to contact the GP on multiple on occasions to ensure this is corrected. Generally it took 2/3 calls a week to have the issue finally resolved. When I call to the practice I speak with someone on reception and then when I call back to chase again I have to explain the whole issue again. I then am told they will look into this matter and get it resolved (I have been told this each time I have called). Perhaps notes where not left from the previous call? This poor service has left me feeling very anxious and stressed especially when I have to keep chasing for the correct dosage to be raised. I have now made a complaint to the practice and I was advised this can take up to 40 days to investigate.

No support from any of the gps

October 21, 2021
GPS need to start seeing patients face to face. My mom has a lot of health problems but this practice is no support at all I have to keep phoning the surgery to ask for there help its wrong

Poor service

August 20, 2021
Receptionists attitudes are horrendous. You never get to see the same dr which us important when you have serious medical issues. There is no communication between departments. I have gone without medication because prescription wasn't done on time due to them, it caused me to have to go to the badger clinic on numerous occasions over the past 3yrs. Refusing to book my 4 week old baby in to see a Dr despite me telling them the Dr who I spoke with on 111 told me they had to due to his age, the Receptionist said take him into solihull.

Still waiting for a call back

August 17, 2021
Phoned the surgery regarding an issue with my vaccine, was told they'd phone back which they didn't. Made 3 other calls, was told the same and I'm still waiting 4 months later. I sorted the issue myself luckily


July 31, 2021
Need a form filling in for housing sent Tuesday it’s now the weekend which I paid £60 for a doctor to sign and stamp all of a minute work . Still haven’t received my important document absolutely disgraceful


July 21, 2021
Issues every single time I order a repeat prescription. They are incapable. Some of the reception staff are just down right rude.

Haven't seen a doctor for months

June 10, 2021
You phone at 8am which they ask you to do and a message comes on saying we have reached our capacity @8am for two weeks now this has been happening disgraceful

You can't get through

June 9, 2021
You phone them you get covid 19 message then a message about chest pains before you go through to the 4 options they have, when you press 1 for appointments you then get told sorry we're busy now and can't put you through please ring back later so you have to do the process again. Then when you get put in the queue there's never any appointments left if your lucky to get an appointment it's to speak to the doctor over the phone which you have to wait all day for. I've tried to get in the doctors for 2 weeks now.

Not enough doctors

May 12, 2021
I have been trying to get an appointment for over 3 months phoni g at 8am everyday about my daughters skin condition there has been times where I am 2nd in the queue and been on the line for over an hour and to be told there's no appointments and most of the time when I phone it says the phoneline is in full capacity and they can't take my call

Discussing behaviour from doctors!!!

May 8, 2021
Terminally ill cancer patient refused to be seen by a doctor as it was too late on a Friday evening!!! This is disgusting told to contact district nurse ourselves even tho obviously distraught unhelpful inconsiderate no compassion at all was not interested at all!!

Kingshurst Medical Practice



40 Gilson Way
West Midlands
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