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April 6, 2022
Always a bad experience, no matter what I use it for!

Excellent helpful pleasant staff

April 5, 2022
I love Lorraine she will do everything in her power to help and assist you
Jane Fallon

Reception staff need training!!!

January 7, 2022
I am new to the area and new to the practice, my first experience I cannot fault the medical staff, but reception... They need training, most I've had to deal with have been rude, abrupt and lacked general practice information.

on the phone 1 hour n 45 minutes

December 8, 2021
i rang for an appointment read on 8am i rang 56 times and finally got through to be put on hold for an extra 1 hour and 45 for there to be no appointments

Receptionist can be friendly

December 8, 2021
Tbh it’s not to bad at getting appointments but i don’t like when the receptionist asks you what’s wrong. Need to start more face to face appointments

Horrendous service

December 8, 2021
Wrong diagnosis not identifying sepsis follow on care not good.

Always pushing work onto Hurst Ln UTC

December 7, 2021
Manage to get a telephone apt, its with a clinician at Hurst Lane.

Left my asthmatic daughter struggling for 3 weeks after OTC medicine, 3 walk in visits all saying viral as per, she was given 2 separate doses of steroids that did nothing and isn't good for a child.
I tell them her temp is uncontrollable and she needs to be seen and they refer somewhere else.
Be it 111, walk in or A&E if worst case.

Refused antibiotics to my other child with progressive symptoms but UTC prescribed straight away after being forcefully referred even being under 5 as there was no negative covid test.
No symptoms of covid but every symptom of chest infection.

Only approachable staff member is [Name], most of the time you're met with an attitude, awful appointment slot Allocations and you see a new Dr everytime.

How is somebody with mental health issues supposed to feel comfortable getting help when 10 people know about your problems in the space of a year?

Can't see a doctor, phone system useless.

December 7, 2021
Can't get past the receptionist, to see a Dr you can end up waiting months.

Can’t get an appointment

December 7, 2021
Start phoning before 8 and can’t get an appointment or just can’t get through after 40 minutes waiting you may speak to someone who then says phone back the next day same happens the next day, if you have to drive for a school run you have no chance of an appointment.

Terrible when dealing with prescriptions

October 22, 2021
I became unwell in July 2020 and over the last 18 months there has been a huge amount of issues with my medications, prescriptions and general service. The communication between myself, the pharmacist and the practice is fairly none existent. When having changes in my medications whether this be the new one I am currently taking or a adjusted dose, I have had to contact the GP on multiple on occasions to ensure this is corrected. Generally it took 2/3 calls a week to have the issue finally resolved. When I call to the practice I speak with someone on reception and then when I call back to chase again I have to explain the whole issue again. I then am told they will look into this matter and get it resolved (I have been told this each time I have called). Perhaps notes where not left from the previous call? This poor service has left me feeling very anxious and stressed especially when I have to keep chasing for the correct dosage to be raised. I have now made a complaint to the practice and I was advised this can take up to 40 days to investigate.

Kingshurst Medical Practice



40 Gilson Way
West Midlands
B37 6BE


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