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Good when you get through

November 1, 2023
Once you get through they navigate you well around the services. 90% of the time I do get to speak to someone in practice or a GP. I find the surgery quite helpful and friendly.

I've given up trying to get an appointment

July 24, 2023
The service here is awful. I can never get an appointment and I have stopped calling them now and rely on out of hours and/or badger services.

Let down by lack of available appointments

June 30, 2023
The doctors here are very good, the problem is getting an appointment to see one. The reception staff are very good and do try their best to accommodate your needs but it is quite normal to be holding for a very long time to then be told that there is no availability.

I have good access to the GP

April 3, 2023
I am from Hong Kong and I am a refugee, I must say that my GP is very good. I get my blood test every 3 months. I have been doing routine check up for potential prostate enlargement. I feel very positive.

Good online service

April 3, 2023
Moved to this surgery because of difficulties experienced and can only report positive things. I find it easy to get an appointment as there are 3 to 4 different surgeries to be sent to. You can access results and information online which is a fantastic option and one I have used with ease.

My needs were not addressed

April 3, 2023
I am not happy with the service provided at this surgery. During a recent visit they failed to address my needs and I was not happy with the outcome.

Very hard to access GP services

March 31, 2023
It can be very difficult to get an appointment. When you do manage to get an appointment the doctors are very good. Services are not consistent. When I need to see a doctor I often don't bother even trying because its so difficult and frustrating.

Struggling to get a referral

March 6, 2023
I have been experiencing frequent headaches and when I discussed it with my doctor he dismissed me. I requested for further investigation and I kept being put off. I decided to use private GP and they diagnosed me with server stress and depression. My NHS GP failed me.

Generally good

December 16, 2022
Haven’t experienced any major problems, but not all pre pandemic services have returned.

Very efficient professional service at GP

November 12, 2022
Recently had to see GP. Got an appointment the morning i rang. The GP referred me for tests which I had a couple of days later. My follow up appointment was arranged by the surgery.
A very efficient professional and friendly service. Thank you!

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