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Pain Clinic

July 25, 2022
Attend the pain clinic at the QE. They are excellent. get regular appointments via text. Dr Blainey is brilliant. He gives me the injections in the Spine every year. Excellent Service and provides information and advice with updates.

Great service but could have been better

July 21, 2022
Breast cancer - opetation in Solihull and reviews/follow ups took place in QE.
The hospital was really brilliant, although no family support during these visits as it was during covid and they did not allow any carers. With Dyslexia i would have liked a family with me and with anxiety of the cancer.
Received regular calls and questions were answered with advice.
Waited 15 months for radiation. no body said that i would be that long. i was advised 12 months

communications not clear

June 27, 2022
poor communication on appointments. Received letter advising to go to hospital for face to face appointment but when I got there they advised the appointment was on the phone. I got marked as not attended because of not being able to answer the phone.

excellent service

June 27, 2022
bham womens is excellent and they provided excellent service.

Waited 12 hours to be seen in A &E

Accident and emergency services
April 20, 2022
Arrived at A & E at 9:30 pm - was triaged within 2 hours but then had to wait until 9:30 the next morning to see a doctor - the place was heaving, freezing cold, no information about waiting times etc. I was diagnosed with lung cancer at 10am the next morning. This review is purely about A&E not the hospital as a whole who have been great since my diagnosis.

Sent my mom home to early with covid 19 ????

Ward 513
October 10, 2021
My mother was rushed in with COVID-19 . Sent her home within a week. Even though she had COVID-19 / pneumonia. Why send her home ? Was rushed back in to Heartlands hospital a few days later critical and passed away a week after her 80th birthday. If they kept her in a little longer she may have lived. The nhs let her down. Did try making a complaint to the PALs department but no reply and nearly 12 months after her death.
Tony Cave

Nothing but 100% attention

Accident and emergency services
August 27, 2021
An excellent, thorough and friendly visit under a worrying episode

Referred for skin cancer treatment

Cancer services
August 26, 2021
I was referred for treatment last year but I am still waiting. I could not recommend UHB whose cancer treatment service seems to have collapsed.

Too costly to travel to this hospital

Diabetic Medicine
June 28, 2021
Have requested a transfer to a more local hospital as it costs me £26 a visit to this diabetic clinic.
Margaret Connolly

Having cancer treatment, very well organised,

Cancer services
June 28, 2021
Staff all very welcoming and empathetic, no waiting about except for transport home, have waited nearly 3 hours.
Margaret Connolly

UHB Queen Elizabeth Hospital


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