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Great service in the Ophthamology department

November 2, 2022
Had an appointment with the ophthalmologist. My son was seen straight away.
The consultant was great and explained the process well. Provided time frame on next appointment.

Regular appointments for Childrens Hospital

November 2, 2022
I went to the hospital to the Children's hospital in August with my son's eyes. He was experiencing dry eyes.

My son has been under the Children's hospital for since he was 15 after being referred by the GP.
He received regular appointments when he was under the care of the Childrens hospital but now that he is 18, the department has referred him on to our chosen hospital for checkups with the ophthalmology team.

The staff at the children's hospital gave good information, direction of what to do next and they were friendly.

Scans are good and the team at QE are good

September 15, 2022
The waiting time in the waiting area is long at the hospital. I have back pain so have to go for injections. I have had scans recently although couldn't have it done previously as had ulcer 2 years ago. Scan service is good. Get appointments within 2-5 weeks. Staff are responsive and they always send letter via post.

Great care

Ward 513
September 7, 2022
Very happy with my care at the hospital, staff were great and attentive. A five star treatment.

Quick diagnosis of breast cancer & mastectomy

August 31, 2022
Excellent support and correspondence. Just 4 months wait between diagnosis and mastectomy. And some insensitivity of one registrar who got excited cancer had spread.

Not a great experience

August 4, 2022
Giving birth was not great at the women's hospital. They were understaffed.

Excellent care

August 4, 2022
My dad is on dialysis and has been for a very long time. He receives excellent care.

Pain Clinic

July 25, 2022
Attend the pain clinic at the QE. They are excellent. get regular appointments via text. Dr Blainey is brilliant. He gives me the injections in the Spine every year. Excellent Service and provides information and advice with updates.

Great service but could have been better

July 21, 2022
Breast cancer - opetation in Solihull and reviews/follow ups took place in QE.
The hospital was really brilliant, although no family support during these visits as it was during covid and they did not allow any carers. With Dyslexia i would have liked a family with me and with anxiety of the cancer.
Received regular calls and questions were answered with advice.
Waited 15 months for radiation. no body said that i would be that long. i was advised 12 months

communications not clear

June 27, 2022
poor communication on appointments. Received letter advising to go to hospital for face to face appointment but when I got there they advised the appointment was on the phone. I got marked as not attended because of not being able to answer the phone.

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