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Great care during kidney transplant

Ward 513
March 27, 2023
I was treated with compassion and the level of professionalism was great while I was going through kidney transplant. All the staff and medical team were supportive and I am grateful. The after care has been great too, my medications and dialysis are going well.

Excellent pain management care

March 23, 2023
I attend the QE for appointments with consultant Dr Kapur for pain management. I am very happy with the care I have received. They have worked with me changing and adjusting my medication to best suit my needs.

Excellent care from the Oncology Department

Cancer services
March 23, 2023
I care for a relative who is undergoing intensive cancer treatment. When at appointments at the QE the care and treatment is always very good. We are seen quickly and treatment/procedures are carried out with the very best of care. The staff are lovely, they keep us well informed and we are treated well during appointments.

The only negative for us when attending the QE is the problems with parking. Disabled bays are always full and we often end up on the roof top of the multi-story carpark. This is difficult for my relative who is under-going treatment and for myself as I am disabled.

Good experience, treated quickly and well

March 21, 2023
I was treated at the QE as an outpatient. I was seen quickly and happy with the care and treatment I received. The staff were friendly and kind.

Cancer support treatment was good

Cancer services
November 16, 2022
I had EPOCH cancer support. They were good and help was provided.

Better understanding and better controlled

November 13, 2022
The hospital treatment, nurses were great. No issues with them.
the QE because they had a better understanding and a larger situation with it where everything was controlled.

Overall treatment at the QE for radiation was fine apart from when I had a discussion, the one doctor [name] was very abrupt and rude when I asked them when they wanted to take me of the medication and put me on something else.
When I interjected and asked why, they got really abrupt and told me to take the medication I was on. I never saw that doctor again which I was pleased about because I didn’t like their attitude.

Waiting 2 months to see Neurologist

November 13, 2022
Following radiation for cancer treatment, I have had spinal problem. I have been waiting 2 months to see the neurologist.

Hospital very good

November 13, 2022
Hospital very good. Couldn't fault them.
Investigation for health ongoing.

Very slow and long in the rapid response team

November 12, 2022
As a carer, my husband with dementia was taken in with shoulder pain.
Was taken in by the paramedics 3 weeks ago.
The service in the department was very slow and was there for 11 hours.

Long waiting time in A&E but staff were good

Accident and emergency services
November 7, 2022
I was taken into the hospital A&E where there was a long wait of 9 hours.
When I was seen the staff were good and attended to my injury.

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