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Hard to navigate around the hospital

December 13, 2023
The hospital is difficult to get to and takes over 40 minutes. The hospital is hard to navigate and I have had to stop and ask paramedics for directions. There's no one at the hospital to show you around like at others. When I found the department there was no reception desk, no one to ask if I was in the right place, so after a long car journey, a struggle to to park and find the department I arrived 10 minutes late and they refused to give me my planned ECG. I was shocked by such awful treatment and very frustrated and annoyed by the attitudes of the staff who were unwilling to show compassion.

Long & Awful Experience in A&E

Accident and emergency services
November 16, 2023
I spent 15 hours in A&E waiting to be seen. In that time I was only moved from one waiting area to another. I discharged myself. The department was filthy, waiting times were atrocious. Elderly patients were just left without any care provided at all, I cared for one elderly gentleman in the waiting area. He was very old and frail, he had no food or drink with him, I got him a drink and some food because the staff could not care less. He was left with a temporary sling but no one had even helped him to put it on properly, so I assisted him. Overall the experience was shocking, and I was appalled that vulnerable elderly people we not better cared for by staff.

Kind and professional & saved my life

November 7, 2023
I was admitted with water retention, I was very unwell and had three cardiac arrests. The staff were wonderful, they were kind and professional, and they saved my life.

Excellent oncology services

Cancer services
November 3, 2023
I have attended a number of oncology appointments here during my treatment. Appointments have all gone very well. The staff, treatment, and general running of the department is excellent.

A great experience from lovely staff

November 3, 2023
The service received was second to none. Overall a great experience. The appointment was prompt and the staff were wonderful.

Brilliant Service

November 3, 2023
A great experience, they provide a brilliant service.

Good mental health support

October 12, 2023
I have received good mental health support from the QE Hospital. They referred me on to another NHS mental health service very quickly.

Good service but far to travel

October 9, 2023
The service from the opthalmology department has been very good but it has been quite difficult travelling to the QE for my appointments when Solihull Hospital have a very good department which is much closer to home. I have made the request to be transferred and hope that this will be in place by the time of my next appointment.

Excellent oncology staff

Cancer services
October 6, 2023
I have been having cancer treatment here and I cannot fault the staff at all. The specialist cancer nurse is great and so is my consultant. If I have any queries or problems, I can call the department and they arrange appointments for me. Medication is sent direct from the hospital pharmacy to my home. The service has been great.

Excellent consultant

October 3, 2023
I had my hip operation carried out here. The staff were lovely and the consultant was very good.

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