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Improve appointment system

August 25, 2022
I was referred at the beginning of the year by the GP to the Dermatology department for my skin problem.
I have had to frequently chase my referral by calling them to find out when I would be getting my appointment. I have only just received my appointment.

Quick service for blood tests

August 25, 2022
Go to hospital to get blood tests as part of health check routine. When I go there I find I am seen quickly and out within in a short time. Quick service. Staff are nice and polite.

Like to see local A&E

August 25, 2022
Would like to see A&E services in Solihull as a go to hospital.
Makes services more easier to access by introducing and reopening local services.

NHS needs to go back the way it was.

August 25, 2022
NHS needs to go back to the way it was.
Need to remove managers as they are taking up most of the funding. Concentrate more on doctors and nurses.

My treatment for speech and language was good

August 16, 2022
I attend the speech and language therapist at the hospital for my stammer.
The hospital staff were good and the referral was made by the GP.
They used to send regular appointments when I was under there care.
The treatment and service was good and the treatment helped me with my stammer.

Very frustrating experience

August 15, 2022
I was referred to see the dermatology for a persistent skin issues and when I got there the nurses where not sure about my issues and kept asking me questions that I don't have answers to. It was very frustrating.

Still waiting for reconstruction from cancer

August 11, 2022
I had a Mastectomy in March 2019. Still awaiting for reconstruction.
I have contacted the secretary but unable to supply me with more information.

Breast care department was great

August 11, 2022
Breast Care dept at Solihull hospital was a great support but has been cut back.
Nurses still not been put back in the department.

A&E required in Solihull

August 11, 2022
A&E needed in Solihull.

Need for local A&E in Solihull

August 11, 2022
A&E in Solihull hospital required.
The service was locally accessible.

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