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Unable to contact the surgery

September 9, 2020
You routinely hold for an hour, twice my husband was cut off and had to start again because he needed an appointment for a repeat prescription. The doctor called back once, he couldn't get to the phone and he had to ring up and start the process again. He got one call back and the line was so bad he couldn't hear anyone and had to call again. So stressful, people are going to avoid calling and fall very ill as a result. I can only imagine how the staff feel. It is really not good enough.

Phone queues . No service since Covid

September 9, 2020
Waiting on phone for 45 minutes. Not getting a satisfactory response to e mails sent. Wondering when normal service will be resumed

The current Covid situation is incredibly bad

September 9, 2020
There are no doctors to speak to face to face. The phone system is incredibly time consuming. Often without a satisfactory outcome. Communication is poor or non existent . When will it end?

V unfriendly, door locked, phone unanswered

September 9, 2020
Little concept of care for patients, your time doesn’t matter while theirs is all important. Phone often not answered, message tells you to use the app. App only works for basic functions. Any difficulties or complicated requests and you’re stuck.
Will not sign off prescriptions until you have almost run out even though pharmacy can take weeks to get some drugs. Practice manager shirty even to patients group, no engagement or willingness to improve. Nurses and doctors generally fine.

Impossible to get thru on the phone most time

September 9, 2020
Rarely get thru on phone. If you do you can't get an appointment, the online form doesn't work most of the time & they don't respond to emails or notes via prescriotion box. Useless.

Disgrace that practice has shut up shop

September 9, 2020
How can GPS just shut up shop and make it impossible for face to face contact, I am a key worker who has worked everyday of the pandemic, GPs don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves


September 9, 2020
Communication repeatedly poor with regards to repeat prescriptions
Very difficult to obtain appointments
Have little confidence in certain doctors. Not felt listened to.

total garbage. won't talk to anyone

August 24, 2020
The queuing system is a joke. Paramedics came out to see me last Monday. They were appalled by their service too. You are "number 48" in the queue is a regular statement from many people

Terrible phone service

August 23, 2020
Phone queues to speak to someone re admin queries or an appt are horrendous . The merger with other practices has seen the service deteriorate drastically. Also unavoidable mistakes have been made recently - wrong medication prescribed on a repeat , no script available at chemist when I was told it would be. Blood test form not posted to me when it was promised . Just a lot of stress from having to make several chasing phone calls and having to wait so long to be connected to someone to deal with them ( 45 mins to 1 hour ) . All whilst trying to do my job.
On top of feeling ill this is not what patients need.

Poor since COVID-19 arrived

August 23, 2020
Long term patient and have until recently had good service, both in person and on the phone. Since COVID-19 it appears that this surgery - now part of Solihull Health Partnership (SHP) - has become hard, if not impossible to contact by phone. The administration is prone to faults: losing a prescription request, failing to fulfill monitoring of medication with regular checks as before, confusion over medical record keeping and failing to notify the results of a specimen submission. An online service which is far from easy to use and requires a PIN supplied in a letter that has never been received or sent!
There appears to be an assumption that everyone can use the Internet and the SHP website. Given the local population there must be a significant minority who do use the Internet. Those people rely on the phone service.
One persistent feature is that there is NO communication, such as an update on the website or even an email or heaven forbid a posted letter.
The surgery has effectively "dropped a shutter" down on their patients.

SHP - Monkspath Surgery


Farmhouse Way
Monkspath, Shirley
West Midlands
B90 4EH


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