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Face to face appointments

October 21, 2022
II am very glad that I can come to the reception and book appointment to see the doctor and also be able to see the doctor face to face and even though it takes days to get appointment, it is still better than 6 months ago.

Phone systems awful for appointments

October 3, 2022
Telephone system is not fit for purpose since merge to SHP. On average I wait between half an hour and an hour for a call to be answered. Appointments near impossible to get even once through on the phones. Staff at the surgery are at times very abrupt, verging on plain rude.

Problem with distance of surgery

September 21, 2022
We live 5 minutes from our main GP and we are constantly being sent far away for our appointments, we have to spend money on taxi and sometimes when we get to the GP, we are being told the appointment has been cancelled.

Waiting a long time to see the doctor

September 9, 2022
It takes so long to get through to the doctor. I have to walk in there and I am told to go back home and wait for the doctor to call me back. I don't know how to use all these technology for accessing the GP.

No continuous care by same doctor

September 9, 2022
I'm not happy because I don't get to see the same doctor. It's hard to explain myself to different people all the time.

Over 1 hour wait to see pediatric team at GP

September 1, 2022
Had a 6 weeks check up. Had to wait over an hour to be seen by the pediatric team. Was not happy due to my baby getting upset. Difficult to get through for appointments.

Midwife was brilliant at the practice

September 1, 2022
Midwife was brilliant. I was booked in for the next appt there and then.
Regular appt booked face to face. I saw the same midwife the who time through my pregnancy.

Vaccines with the nurse has been brilliant

September 1, 2022
Vaccines with the nurse have been brilliant. They have been informative. Booked 1st appointment, got it straight away. Rest was booked by the nurse.

Very long waits to get through then no appt

September 1, 2022
Trying to get a non-urgent appointment. 35th, 25th in queue, waited the time, but no appointment. Very long waits to get through then no appointments.
Great surgery when you can get an appt!

Poor have to wait to see if GP is available

August 29, 2022
Not good, can't book appointments, have to wait to see if GP available.
Sometimes you can be told there are no appts and you have to call back the next day. No option to see the same GP. Always a different one each time.
Because I have learning disability, the doctor talked down to me. Haven't been back since and it has put me off going.

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