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Care & advice is not consistent

October 19, 2023
The service I receive varies depending on the doctor you see. I have recently had a poor experience, followed by a good experience. I saw one doctor who I felt did not listen to me and dismissed my concerns. I was just told to see how things went and come back if things did not improve. When I returned the doctor I saw was different. I felt that they took time to listen to me, and was very thorough in their examination of me. They put lots of things in place for me, made referrals and gave me good advice and information.

Impossible to book via the telephone

October 19, 2023
It is impossible to book an appointment on the telephone because you just cannot get through. I have to attend the surgery in person to book an appointment. It's not always easy to get there to book but I manage and once I see the doctor the service is fine.

Nurses are very helpful and thorough

October 6, 2023
I have not seen my doctor in over two years. I have seen the nurses and they have provided a fantastic service. They are very helpful and very thorough in their examination. I recently had to contact the surgery as I needed a few months supply of medication for an extended holiday outside of the UK. There were very helpful and sorted it out for me. It is difficult to book an appointment via the telephone so I walk to the surgery where I find the staff very helpful and they try their best to help you.

Good experience because of good staff

October 5, 2023
I have attended this surgery when SHP have been unable to offer me an appointment at my own GP surgery. My experience has always been good due to the staff who are lovely.

It's so hard to get an appointment

August 11, 2023
There are long waiting times on the telephone service. It can take over an hour to speak to a receptionist, to be told there are no appointments. You are then told to phone back tomorrow at 8am, but you just have exactly the same experience and there are still NO appointments. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. I have been so desperate in the past that I have used A&E. I've even been told by friends to use a service that you pay £20 for to speak to a doctor. Not being able to see a doctor at your GP surgery is just not right!

Lack of support with ASD diagnosis

July 24, 2023
The surgery has been no support and have offered no guidance. We have just been left to navigate the system ourselves. We feel very let down.

Lack of continuity of care

July 14, 2023
Since joining the Solihull Health Partnership the service has improved slightly. Booking an appointment is still difficult and it is impossible to get through on the phone, but I can now get an appointment if I attend the surgery in person. I have experienced a lack of continuity of care throughout my prostate cancer journey which has been very stressful and most disappointing.

Booking system is awful

June 6, 2023
Phoning to book an appointment really is a 'journey'! The people you speak to on the phone are not the receptionists at the surgery which is a shame because the staff in the surgery are pleasant and helpful unlike those on the telephone. I have been lucky today and have managed to get an appointment for my child. When I called I was 46th in the queue but managed to secure an appointment at another surgery in the SHP group. It has taken me 2 hours on the phone in the past just to get into the telephone queue but when you have young children attending in person for an appointment is really not possible with the long waiting times. I avoid the GP surgery if I can and seek medical treatment at alternative emergency/urgent care centres when possible.

Reception staff are quick to remedy problems

June 1, 2023
I am a new patient at the surgery after moving into the area. Today was the first time I have needed an appointment and it went very smoothly. When I arrived there was a very large queue and I thought I would be waiting for a long time. The booking in machine had broken down and staff worked quickly to get it back up and running. Once this was done the queue subsided, and I was in and out quickly for an appointment with the nurse. The staff were very pleasant and helpful. The nurse took good care of me changing a dressing.

Helpful Reception Staff

June 1, 2023
I find it much easier to book appointments in person. I attended the surgery to book a follow up blood test. An appointment was made for the following week, which I was very happy about.

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