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Waiting to see the doctor and medication

August 3, 2022
Pretty bad service , access is poor, no phone being answered. Difficult to liaise with GP so I went to a private for my brain treatment. Could not understand what GP was telling me about the pathways in treating me.


January 11, 2022
I am sure that the GP's are very good, but getting past the receptionist is impossible. These medically unqualified people who are employed to answer the phone, make decisions that GP's will not and can not assist without asking them should not be able to make these decisions regarding patients needs and requests. They then send a link for Triage which does not work.


November 1, 2021
Phone wait times can be anything from 45 minutes to 2+ hours, even when you use their call back system you have at least a 25 minute wait on hold when they call you back. The receptionists are the rudest people ever. It would take a simple apology for the wait and dropping of the attitude to improve the dreaded call to the doctors but I think GPS must put 'must be waspish' in the job description. No appointments. No visits to the surgery. No continuity of 'care'. Telephone calls for annual reviews of things that need to be seen in person. Medication ordered on the website not being processed. The thing is we just want a better service! Instead of the GPS manager getting defensive and excusing the behaviour she should be learning from the mistakes and be building a better service. Listen to us instead of dismissing us.

Rude & Horrible service

October 29, 2021
Rude receptionists...if you manage to reach them! Show attitude instead of being apologetic for admin goofups. Doctors forget to follow up their consultation commitments like arranging for blood tests etc. Use covid as an excuse to avoid providing a proper service.

Waiting time

October 21, 2021
It takes over an hour to get through on the phone then all the appointments have gone , when your working full time you can’t be on the phone for that long. my daughter has an infection in her toe and it’s got worse waiting for a urgent referral

55 minutes to go from no 9 in the queue to no

October 5, 2021
Very poor response times
Alexandra Mabbott

The call que is over 30+

September 20, 2021
The call que is over 30+ and can take nearly 2 hours to get through.Also there have been 2 mistakes when tablets I have asked for by email havent been ordered(in the last 2 weeks)

Terrible wait times and can’t get an appointm

September 17, 2021
It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to get through to the surgery and then you can’t get an appointment as they don’t have any left. They remove things off your repeat prescriptions when you’ve been prescribed them by the hospital and prescribe a different medication than you request. I have put in a couple of complaints and been assured it won’t happen again but happens most months.
Nicola Roberts

Very difficult to contact by phone or Email.

July 26, 2021
Email contact does not appear to exist. Receptionist, very uncooperative.
Kenneth Massey


May 21, 2021
V difficult to get an appointment. Rude reception staff. V difficult to deal with multiple symptoms of unknown origin. No follow up care, Constant chasing. Poor communication of referrals to specialists. Happy to dx anxiety instead of investigation of symptoms. A few GPs with poor bedside manner. I left them earlier this year. Very poor care.

GPS Healthcare - Yew Tree



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West Midlands
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