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Quite impressed with the service

November 21, 2023
I have been quite impressed with the service offered by the surgery. I have been happy with access and treatment.

Lack of face to face appointments

November 1, 2023
I am concerned about the lack of face to face appointments. I had to pay privately for footcare, despite having diabetes the gp offered no help and would not refer me.

Easy to access healthcare

October 12, 2023
I have no problems accessing healthcare from my GP. I find it quite easy to get an appointment.

It is almost impossible to get an appointment

June 30, 2023
You are only able to make appointments by telephone at 8am. I was number 5 in the queue but all appointments at Yew tree had gone when my turn came. I was offered an appointment at another surgery. The GP prescribed medication but I was not in receipt of the medication for 48 hours as a doctor at Yew tree needed to sign off the prescription and did not do so. Meanwhile I was on pain.
Stephen Baker

Access to test results is difficult to get

April 2, 2023
It can be really difficult to get access to my own test results. I ring them and chase it up all the time. I feel so bad every time they tell me that they will communicate with me if there was something concerning with my blood test, how about letting me know that my tests results are great instead of bad news.

Surgery contacted me for a diabetes review

March 30, 2023
I have tried to get an appointment recently myself but I was contacted for a diabetes review. I was sent to a different surgery for this and luckily I do drive. I would imagine this could be difficult for those on public transport as it would be a journey on two buses.

Cannot get through

March 29, 2023
The doctors at this surgery are very good at communicating with the patients. I manage to get appointments for my routine check up.


March 28, 2023
Felt very safe and confident with the service I recently received from Dr Beech. Everything was explained to me so I understood and I didn’t feel rushed and was listened to.
I left feeling reassured and happy.
Carmel O’Hara

Poor communication within services

March 6, 2023
I do not speak good English and since I have been accessing my GP, it is always difficult to get someone to understand me. I think they need to have good interpreters for support individuals like me.

Unprofessional receptionist

March 1, 2023
The receptionist at the surgery are rude and unprofessional. They like to talk at the back room about the patients. I have made a formal complain to the service manager.

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