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Great care

July 25, 2022
Absolutely great service for my children, I have been referred to a pediatrician for my kid and its amazing

Waiting to see the doctor and medication

July 21, 2022
I have been using this practice for the past 10 years and things were great, but lately I have been struggling to get in touch with my GP. The receptionist are rude and arrogant. I have given up of using my GP, I always go to the A&E.

Waiting to see the doctor and medication

July 20, 2022
In the past I have had issues assessing my GP for my mental health. I had to rely on third party charities for support. The doctor only gives medication and nothing else. I am now doing well thanks to charity organizations.

Great care

June 29, 2022
Very responsive and always available to see me. No long waiting

Friendly staff great care

May 11, 2022
Helpful staff above and beyond care from doctors
Mary Osullivan

It’s hard to get in touch with them by phone.

April 4, 2022
I’ve been waiting for up to 45 minutes for someone to actually speak to, you’re then put on hold again! We should be able to visit our surgery now, everything else has gone back to normal. You can’t even book online appointments unless you want a smear test or bloods doing.

Disrespectful & judgemental staff

December 7, 2021
This GP surgery used to be amazing, I have been with them since I was born so 26 years. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2014 and am under numerous specialists at the hospital, the GP surgery are awful at managing my repeat prescriptions, approving essential medical supplies I need and providing appointments when I need to be seen. I have not seen anybody face to face since February 2020 and have had major surgery in July 2021, they still wouldn’t see me with an infected open wound. It was a phone call appointment. I am meant to have bloods done every 6 months, I’ve not had them done since February 2020. The Locum doctors are awful, I made a formal complaint about one who told me that I am ‘too young’ to be taking the medication I’m on and that she didn’t believe I was suffering, despite numerous major surgeries and being under specialists for life long care. Following my complaint she was suspended and had to take further training on my illness and young people living with chronic pain. The only good thing about the GP surgery are the Practice Nurses - [Names]. Everyone else including the receptionists are extremely rude and unhelpful. I called up two weeks ago to speak to someone due to declining mental health, I explained this to a receptionist and she told me ‘there is nothing I can do you will have to try tomorrow and deal with it for today’. That is disgusting treatment to patients, luckily I was not in a crisis but I dread to think how others who may be at the crisis point have been treated. They need to stop focusing on their cosmetic surgery upstairs and focus on their patients who actually need help. Get GPs who aren’t useless, and stop hiring random Locum doctors who are disrespectful.

A Vote of No Confidence

November 15, 2021
I was with this practice for seven years and in the fifth year I was treated differently from some other service users which prompted my raising a complaint which was handled in a very dismissive way. At the core of the complaint was the fact that there were many inconsistencies and ultimately unanswered questions. All through the period there was not a single attempt to pick up the phone and have a conversation to attempt a resolution.

My experience here was very poor and the Surgery hated answering the difficult questions. The surgery's representative found it easy to make claims that basically was "gaslighting" me as a service user and when challenged they found it uncomfortable to respond factually and sought ways to deflect from these quickly. When challenged on the inconsistencies contained in their written correspondences they then said "they had nothing further to add".

Ultimately, this pattern brought me to the unavoidable decision of moving to another surgery as I could not entrust my care and that of my family to a practice who was not open and transparent in the course of my dealing with them and above all deemed it unnecessary and beneath them to at the very least have a conversation with a service user they have treated with much contempt.

Trying to see a doctor is but a distant memor

June 9, 2021
If you ring at 8.30 getting three is desperate it takes ages and then I feel as though I have to convince the staff to let me get a doctors appointment which is still a phone call ???

Hard to get appointment, would not book me in

June 8, 2021
Could not book my smear for no reason given. I have the letter but nothing
Also, would not let me see a doctor, I had to have a phone appointment who was terrible and felt like I knew more than they did! They didn't even read my notes

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