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Phone lines a joke

August 24, 2021
Getting through on the phone has become harder and harder and now the practice have had the bright idea of asking patients to phone to book an appointment. Why on earth move from the tried and tested letter and walk in. All.you have done is made the phones even more unlikely to get answered

Can't get an appointment

August 20, 2021
Why aren't GPS open, they have been told to open. Dentists and Opticians are open and they have to get up close with every patient unlike gps .

Cant actually get to see a doctor

April 24, 2021
Been having issues since September and can only get the occasional telephone consultation even though I keep asking to see a physical doctor. Receptionists say they are closed to patients due to covid so cant offer in person appointments.

Can't speak to usual doctors , are they there

April 22, 2021
Carer for my mother , phoned because she recently broke her heel, being ninety I was concerned about her leg turning blotchy and brown in the last couple of days ,so when I spoke to the surgery they told me to take pictures and send them to them in a email , what if I hadn't got the wherewithal to do this ,? And where are the usual doctors , are they even there ?
Janet Lewis

Very good

April 21, 2021
Telephone consultation, then requested to attend surgery, where I was dealt with efficiently
Lesley Moore

No problems

March 31, 2021
Well organised.

Quick and painless

March 31, 2021
Very well organised the procedure was quick and painless.

Covid is not the reception staffs fault

March 26, 2021
They don’t deserve disrespect from anyone under any circumstances. They are doing a very difficult job at the moment and doing it fantastically. I always get the doctor I ask for who calls me back. He is kind and caring and I might start off crying mostly but always leave the call smiling. All the doctors at the surgery are just as nice so I am lucky to have continued care during this stressful time. A massive call out to everyone who works at this surgery . WELL DONE EVERYONE and keep safe God bless.

Dr call back and helpful staff

March 25, 2021
Always get a caring and helpful call back from the doctor I ask for. Reception staff very very helpful in this stressful time, they do an excellent job and don’t deserve abuse. Covid is not their fault. Give them some kindness and respect please.

New patient

March 24, 2021
Everything seems OK so far. Although, I've not been here long enough.

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