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The doctors are good

November 16, 2023
It can still be a bit difficult to get an appointment at the surgery, but the doctors are good. One doctor in particular is excellent.

New waiting area layout needs to be addressed

October 5, 2023
The reception and waiting area have recently been refurbished but the new layout is awful. When you arrive into the reception area you have to walk around to the opposite side of the room, past the seated area to book in on the computer. The computer is never working so you then have to walk back around and get in a queue. Once you are booked in the waiting area seats are facing away from the reception area and you are also seated with your back to the doors where you are called for your appointment. There is a monitor on the wall which the chairs are lined up facing but again this is never working. Everyone is sat in straight lines, in close proximity to each other facing the blank white wall and screen that does not work. When a doctor or nurses pops out of the door to call you for an appointment is it hard to hear them and you cannot see the door open to even be aware that they are there and calling someone. My most recent visit took such a long time. My appointment was over an hour late but once I was in with the doctor they were very thorough and I did not feel rushed. The phone service to book appointments has gone downhill and it can be hard to get in. I have also had problems getting my repeat prescriptions. The online (app) system is no longer working and you have to navigate through the surgery website to order them. That said the doctors are great when you see them, and the reception staff are friendly and helpful.

No face to face appointment for child

September 25, 2023
My child has been experiencing concerning symptoms for the past few months. We have only been able to get telephone appointments and blood tests, but at no time has an appointment been arranged for my child to see a doctor. I became so frustrated and having lost my faith in the care they were providing I took my daughter to the hospital where we finally got answers.

The staff go above and beyond to help

September 5, 2023
I have never had a problem with the surgery. It can be difficult to get appointments but I find it best to attend the surgery to book in. You do have to get to the surgery before it opens and start queueing but it is not a problem for me. The staff are all wonderful from the reception staff to the doctors. They truly go above and beyond to help. They have very positive attitudes and always do their best. The doctors are wonderful, they take their time to listen to you, I have never felt rushed during an appointment, and I have never been made to feel a nuisance or like a inconvenience to them. I am always well informed, and they are happy to explain things thoroughly to me.

The doctors are brilliant but hard to see

September 1, 2023
Getting through and booking an appointment is a nightmare. You are not allowed to go to the surgery to book appointments in person. The receptionists on the phone think they are doctors asking so many questions. The doctors at the surgery are brilliant when get to see them.

Recent improvement to services

August 31, 2023
There have been recent improvements at the surgery making my experience better. I have injections in my hand that can only be administered by one of the doctors here and it can be hard to get appointments with him. I have managed to get appointments recently and have found it easier by attending in person to book them.

I wish things would go back to normal

August 31, 2023
I wish everything would go back to how they use to be, when you could just phone up and get an appointment to see a doctor face to face. I waited so long on the phone to get an appointment, I then had to book two appointments because I needed to discuss two things and it has meant that I have to come at two separate times for two separate appointments. The doctors are very good.

Once seen, it's always a good service

August 31, 2023
The service here is very god, it's just hard to get an appointment. The phonelines are too busy. Once seen, the service is always good and the doctors are great.

Very good with excellent doctors

August 31, 2023
The surgery is very good, I have been a patient here for years. The main doctor is excellent but it can be hard to get an appointment with him, but to be honest they are all very good.

There has been an improvement in services

August 31, 2023
The surgery is better now as I just could not get an appointment before. I was recently sent an asthma review questionnaire which I found a bit confusing. I have been told that the doctors can not do anything more to help me and that I must make contact with the hospital.

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