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Unable to contact reception via phone.

November 22, 2021
Phone queues are that long you can't join queue. Had no one contact me or my wife about covid booster jab or flue jab. It's virtually impossible to see a doctor face to face. The centre should be put in emergency measures as are hospitals and schools.


November 19, 2021
Don't answer the phone, no appointments, rude staff,no consideration to patients, all round a very poor service
Phil Cannell

Nightmare to ring everytime I'm 19th in queue

November 18, 2021
Used to be a caring surgery not any more, it's time doctors sorted this practice out, seems to have gone to pot since Sandra practice manager left, pandemic is easing now, doctors should be available to see their patients.

Call queues

November 18, 2021
Call queues recently are ridiculous. I understand they are busy and short staffed etc because of the pandemic but it is so hard to get through on the phone lines. I have been forced to use the badger urgent treatment service in castle brom

Real problems contacting surgery by phone

November 13, 2021
It is so difficult to contact the surgery by phone. There seem to be no other options like an email address. When you phone, you often get a message to say the line is so busy you can’t even be added to the queue. If you do get to join the queue, i have been usually no 20 or 18 in the queue and the wait to get answered has been between 45 mins to over an hour. When you’re working in a shared office, you can’t stay on the line for that long. Once you get through, it’s generally fine & appointments available. But it took me 6 weeks to be able to get through & make a routine appt. please offer an alternative like email or get more staff to answer phones! You can’t pop into the surgery now unless you have an appt as door is locked.

Friendly reception staff but long wait to get

October 27, 2021
Long wait to get through. Helpful staff but only offered a telephone call. Needed to be examined and was only offered a video call which turned to a telephone call and diagnosed from that. Not acceptable and ended up in A & E


October 13, 2021
If I could I would rate their service in the minus. They used to be a good surgery. Some of the reception staff have very uncaring attitude. They are not diligent and make mistakes. Also it has been months since the pandemic started surely they could have sorted the issue with the ones by now.


October 1, 2021
Waiting on the phone over an hour to be cut off, this phone call was to chase up 4 phone calls made last week all with long wait time 40 minutes plus and messages left for practice manager and 4 emails and never had any return call and still haven’t answered my enquiry. Reception staff are rude and one member of staff even made me cry and made me feel worthless.

Lack of diagnosis

August 28, 2021
In January I fell off a ladder. I contacted the Doctors I was given 4 blood tests and an examination. In the end after suffering pain for months I went to a chiropractor who told me I had fractured my back and it had self healed in lockdown. At no time was I offered an xray

Can’t see a doctor

August 27, 2021
You have to wait on phone sometimes you are cut off when you do get through you are told you can’t see a doctor !!! Why ?

Hobs Moat Medical Centre



Ulleries Road
West Midlands
B92 8ED


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