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A Good Service

May 13, 2024
I am happy with the service provided by Haslucks Green Medical Centre. When I need an appointment I am able to access one.

The appointment system does not work for me

March 21, 2024
I find it very difficult to get an appointment. The online app system does not work and I find it difficult when calling in due to long waiting times on the phone. I struggle with anxiety and the appointment system is very stressful.

Good when you can get an appointment

December 21, 2023
Everyone is good in person when you get to see them. The problem is getting an appointment, which is very difficult. There have been some administrative errors too, which is very disappointing and these errors have resulted in my lack of confidence in them. Following tests at the hospital I was told to contact my GP for results, it took me 5 months to get the results from the doctor which is not good enough.

A good service & seen on time

December 14, 2023
This is not my registered surgery but as part of SHP, I was sent here for an injection. I was seen on time and finally has the cortisone injection that I? have been waiting for since August 2022.

Appointments are hard to get

November 27, 2023
The surgery is generally ok. Appointments can be difficult to get, and I do not think that staff are very understanding. Personally I have felt fobbed off by doctors in the past, and I have ended up with lung infections because my concerns have not been taken seriously.

Lack of consistency

November 27, 2023
This is not my surgery, that said, it feels like I no longer have a surgery. Since my practice joined the SHP I am sent here there and everywhere. Its not convenient, when you sign up to a practice its normally because of locality. This surgery is ok but its out of my way and quite honestly an inconvenience getting here. I am however just grateful to finally be getting an injection that I have been waiting 8 months for.

Same day appointments are challenging

November 27, 2023
It is sometimes a challenge to get same day appointments. Routine appointments, and non urgent appointments are not so bad to get. It is easier to get appointments if you pop in to the surgery to book. I do not think that staff are very forthcoming in informing patients about the best way to book an appointment, no one from the surgery told me about the non urgent booking system, which I found and navigated for myself.

Care & advice is not consistent

October 19, 2023
The service I receive varies depending on the doctor you see. I have recently had a poor experience, followed by a good experience. I saw one doctor who I felt did not listen to me and dismissed my concerns. I was just told to see how things went and come back if things did not improve. When I returned the doctor I saw was different. I felt that they took time to listen to me, and was very thorough in their examination of me. They put lots of things in place for me, made referrals and gave me good advice and information.

Impossible to book via the telephone

October 19, 2023
It is impossible to book an appointment on the telephone because you just cannot get through. I have to attend the surgery in person to book an appointment. It's not always easy to get there to book but I manage and once I see the doctor the service is fine.

Nurses are very helpful and thorough

October 6, 2023
I have not seen my doctor in over two years. I have seen the nurses and they have provided a fantastic service. They are very helpful and very thorough in their examination. I recently had to contact the surgery as I needed a few months supply of medication for an extended holiday outside of the UK. There were very helpful and sorted it out for me. It is difficult to book an appointment via the telephone so I walk to the surgery where I find the staff very helpful and they try their best to help you.

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