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brilliant always helpful

April 5, 2022
I always find staff very helpful and doctors are lovely I definitely rate Emma [surname] so caring and dedicated

Hard to get appointment

April 3, 2022
Despite being on strong mental health medication I am expected to get out of bed, doped up to sit in a queue falling asleep to get an appointment and most of the time I'm told there are no appointments left and to try following day. I have a few physical health issues and on many tablet. Receptionist seen not to care or want to understand my situation.


November 18, 2021
Given up, the simple fact is I no longer have a local doctor, no one can get thro, no chance of appointment. You feel like it would be hopeless if u got ill.

Shambolic new system

September 13, 2021
Not sure how it is even possible for the reception staff to open the door to let you in the building; and then still fail to check you in.

I was left for over 35 mins, with my daughter in the waiting room, before I was seen.

This was on a very hot day and the only reason the doctors came out, was because my poor daughter was having a meltdown, due to the delay for the receptionist incompetence.

Great GPS, terrible service.

September 7, 2021
The doctors are all fabulous. It's always difficult to get an appointment. The receptionist s have improved over the years, but why is [name] still there? She's Always rude and impatient. Awful woman everyone I speak to says the same.
Linda Lintern

Why do I bother?

August 24, 2021
Called on 13 August for appointment for daughter. Today is the 24th August, and still waiting for an appointment. Not sure what the point of this gp surgery is when they don't see patients.

Absolutely terrible.

June 8, 2021
Receptionists are extremely rude. It’s takes an absolute age to get a reply to any form of communication be it phone email or even written letter. Poorest service I’ve ever encountered
Mrs oconnor

Very difficult to get through on the phone.

May 26, 2021
No appointments available until the end of June unless you call at 8 am. If you do it is difficult to get through, usually takes 40-50mins then no appointments left.


May 20, 2021
the attitude of some of the female receptionists towards the patients either on phone or face to face is very rude.. To get to see a doctor is very difficult even before covid .. its either phone after 8am by 8.15 all appointments have gone that same with queuing in the cold before 8am just to be told no appointments left.. if you request an appointment not particularly for the same day , the earliest appointment can be 2/3weeks away , by then your either cured or dead !!!!

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