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Difficulty arranging a GP appointment

July 4, 2024
GPS Healthcare have a new appointment system called Patches. I received a text 2 weeks ago telling me to call the surgery to make a routine appointment, for which I am happy to wait 4/6 weeks. I called this morning and was informed that there are no appointments available today. Having explained that I did not expect this as it is not urgent and I am happy to wait, I was then informed that I must use the Patches system to request an appointment. Following this I will be put on a triage list and an appointment will be allocated to me or I may call the surgery at 8am. How can a system like this be beneficial to the patient. I don’t need to be seen urgently so why do I need to use Patches, or call the surgery at 8am. Why could I not be added to the triage list having been asked to call the surgery. I can make an appointment with the asthma nurse over the phone so why is that not the case here. I cannot see how this system benefits patients and certainly the elderly and disabled.

Good but hard to communicate

June 25, 2024
I recently called to book an appointment when I was feeling unwell. The service is good and I was attended to well but I find it difficult to communicate with my GP whenever I visit.

Hard to get appointments

May 28, 2024
It can be hard to get appointments here especially when trying to get through on the phone.

Great advice over the phone

May 28, 2024
The midwife here only works one day a week so it's been hard to see them. I am able to stay in touch through text messages however if I have any concerns which has been great. She always gets back to me and is really lovely.

Told no appointments after calling at 8am

May 17, 2024
I phoned at 8am and got a call back at 9.30am. I was told there were no appointments available when I got a call back so I had to ring 111.

The service is okay

May 13, 2024
The surgery is okay. I do manage to get an appointment when I need one.

Good doctors but hard to get appointments

May 7, 2024
The doctors here are very good but it is a struggle to try and get an appointment.

Prompt referral organisation

May 1, 2024
Following an appointment here I was referred to the breast clinic at Solihull Hospital and was seen promptly within 2 weeks.

Difficult to access services

April 10, 2024
Getting appointments here can be very difficult. Mental health services and continuous support are also no longer easily accessible and I am not sure what to do.

Avoid at all costs if you ever want to be seen

February 28, 2024
No compassion or common sense when you call with urgent enquiries. A very tick box approach and a triage system that doesn't work. The only way to actually get onto the triage list is to queue outside before the surgery opens at 8am, as there is no chance of getting through on the phone before the appointments are full.

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