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Better results going in face to face for appt

August 29, 2022
Only since becoming a prostate cancer patient this year that I have had experience of regular contact with doctors surgery. There seems to be a lot of info that you are 'expected' to know. For example surgeons prescribe 2 months of tablets. I have to phone/chase doctors to send instructions to chemist. I go to the chemist who tell me they don't hold that quantity, need to wait a couple of days. If I need the next months supply, I still have to order it.

Areas requiring improvement.
1) Hard to get through on the phone.
2) Better results by going in for face to face appointments.
3) Wrong dose of tablets at pharmacy.
4) reminder to order next tablets a week before you need them.

Always accommodating, friendly and helpful

August 26, 2022
The one big problem is the phones. You can ring and find out you are number 30 in the queue, and that is the norm. I have often spent over an hour waiting on the phone.
Belinda Talbot


August 4, 2022
Rude abrupt reception staff. Waits of 1, 2 or even 2.5 hours on the phone. Often unable to get an appointment. Still only offering telephone appointments and won’t see me in person.

Disappointed by service

August 4, 2022
You can never get appointments at the surgery.
Quite disappointed that the DR's are not seeing people face to face.
I find that when you phone the reception staff, they are not very accommodating.
Due to poor continuity of service and care, I have had to change my surgery.

Cannot get through

August 3, 2022
GP being good, has had my F2F appointment. Don't use very often but when I need the GP its hard to get past receptionist who ask soo many personal questions. The queue on the phone is bad and call back service is offered but you don't know when they will call you back.

Happy with the surgery

July 25, 2022
The service is nice, is happy with the practice. gets appointments and doesn't have to wait long
In A&E situations DRs do call back and can see them face to face.
Dr Tina Ghela - she is very good, provides health information and provides updates. Very nice.
Had some test done and doctor messaged very quickly regarding results. Provided medications on back of the result received and sent prescriptions direct to pharmacy.

Very, very difficult to get appointments.

July 12, 2022
It is almost impossible to get an appointment to see a doctor here, and if you want the doctor of choice...forget it. I NEVER go to the surgery just for the fun of it, if I do go it is because something serious needs resolving but it takes an age to first get through to the receptionists who seem to think that they are there to prevent us from getting to the doctor. I have been at this surgery my whole life (now 62) and can remember when it was much better. These days I dread trying to get through, it has definitely gone downhill since GPS Healthcare took over the place. I don't see why I should, but if I were very wealthy I would choose to go private since the hassle here is just soul-destroying.

Delayed test results not notified or action

July 2, 2022
Fragmented care. Not patient centred or holistic for elderly patients . No oversight or overview of care . Inaccurate telephone diagnosis on numerous occasions . Gatekeeping and incorrect advice at reception etc

Waiting to see the doctor and medication

June 27, 2022
Not able to get GP appointment, then I have to wait on the phone for hours before I can get through, They tell me they will call back and they never. I have asked my GP to refer me to a nutritionist because of my eating disorder but the GP has not done it yet.

Great care

June 27, 2022
I have had a good experience with my GP

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