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Long waiting time for referral

March 31, 2023
It takes a while to get referrals for physiotherapy. It almost seem like the doctor does not want to do it.

Very difficult to navigate access over the phone

March 29, 2023
My wife suggested to get appointment, I can be on the phone for 40 minutes on hold waiting for response. It can very upsetting when the receptionist is also interrogating you about why you need to see a doctor and they try to diagnose me. I needed an inhaler and it felt like I had to jump through hoops to get it.

Access to GP service is great

March 29, 2023
The doctors have improved their appointments. It was such a difficult time during covid to see a doctor in person.

Very good when you get to see them

March 20, 2023
The practice is hard to get through to on the telephone but they are very good when you get to see them. The online system for ordering repeat medication is good.

No medication for 4 days

January 25, 2023
I have a mental health condition and must take medication daily. Due to failed attempts and no understanding from staff of how urgent my need was I had no medication for 4 days. My CPN tried to intervene and they too had no success with the GP.

Responsive service when needed

November 30, 2022
It is very easy to get appointments whenever I needed one, obviously I cannot speak for others but in my opinion, people just like to see the GP for anything, and I wish there could be a walk-in service in Solihull hospital for such people.

Heart condition and all GP send is medication

November 7, 2022
I have had heart condition for many years and all they send is medications.
The medication is reviewed on a yearly basis by phone.
My blood tests are done yearly to test for my heart condition.

When you see a doctor they ask, 'what can I do for you?' They should know from the records.
They treat you like you have a plague.

Getting past the receptionist is an issue. You don't want to be discussing your health concerns with them. I understand it is due to sheer of volume.

All the doctors are part time.

Consistently difficult to deal with

October 6, 2022
Regularly have problems contacting them by phone. Problems with incorrect prescriptions. Unsupported through changes in important medication. Unhelpful receptionist.

Male GP was unsympathetic with mental health

August 31, 2022
Male GP was totally unsympathetic. I was crying and distressed and he told me to "get to work". I contacted Women's Aid and they told me to not go back to work and to go back to GP. I have now changed my GP.

Getting appointments is virtually impossible.

August 31, 2022
Getting appointments is virtually impossible!! Emails are not always responded to. I had to admit to a receptionist that I was feeling suicidal to even get a Dr call back. That Dr. was good when he rang. Follow up from HRT has been minimal!

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