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The doctor was very good

November 24, 2023
After trying to get an appointment at my own surgery for a number of days I was finally given an emergency appointment here. The doctor was very good, his examination was very thorough. I was given 7 days worth of antibiotics and told to go back to my doctor if things did not improve.

Physiotherapy sessions are good

November 21, 2023
My daughter attends physiotherapy sessions here. The appointments always go well, I am happy with the service.

I can never

November 21, 2023
I can never get an appointment via the telephone. I have tried to book appointments in person but still had no luck.

The staff make this practice.

November 15, 2023
I always feel the staff have time for me
Debbie evans

Great when you can see a doctor

November 9, 2023
When you see a doctor they are great. It can be difficult getting an appointment which is the only problem. The doctors really take their time with me, I never feel rushed. I feel listened to, and that the doctors take my concerns on board. I have had very good medication reviews, things have had to be juggled about to make sure that I am on the best treatment for my condition.

Excellent mental health support

November 9, 2023
They have been very supportive during my mental health crisis. I have felt listened to, and I feel like the doctors really care.

Good doctors but hard to get appointments

November 7, 2023
The doctors are very good when you see them but accessing appointments is difficult. The receptionists are nice enough, there just does not seem to be much they can do, and you just have to suffer. I was recently told that my x-ray and mri results were available to access online but I have been unable to do this as I am not good on the internet. I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to get an appointment to get my results which has been difficult. I do now have an appointment though.

They are a lifeline for me

November 6, 2023
I have never had a problem with the surgery. The attitude and quality of care from the staff and medical professionals is very good. I always feel listened to. Mental health and depression is taken very seriously and I feel well supported. The nurse practitioner is very good. I have regular medication reviews which they are very good at booking, and I have never missed one. The staff including medical professionals always do what they say they will, which I am very happy with. They are a lifeline for me. They could improve the surgery by addressing the phone line system which makes it very difficult to get through on the phone. Despite this there has been a recent improvement of appointment availability.

Excellent support for anxiety

November 6, 2023
The doctors have been a great support to and are really helping me cope with my anxiety and panic attacks. Recently I have been having problems with my medication and the doctors have been very thorough in working with me to get them right. I have felt listened to and I can only thank them for treating me with kindness. They have referred me quickly when necessary, and my experience overall has been excellent.

I can get an appointment when I need one

October 30, 2023
I do not go to the doctors very often and when I need an appointment a carer makes the appointment for me. I always get an appointment when I need one. I see different doctors when I visit but I always have a carer with me so I feel okay with it.

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