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Struggle to get face to face appointment and

November 7, 2021
Have recently needed further investigation for health haven’t been contacted with update or anything took for me to ask during another appointment before getting feedback and then to get further investigation

Not great

October 22, 2021
Poor service. Can hardly speak to a doctor. The receptionists play god. You ask to speak to a doctor so they speak to the doctor for you and tell you you don’t need to talk to one.

Doctors won’t see you. They don’t listen

October 19, 2021
They don’t listen to your issue
They don’t see you even if it’s needed
I needed a medical review and I couldn’t get one

Doctors aren’t very good.

September 5, 2021
Doctors are not bothered about helping.
They seem to do what they think is best and not listen to the patient
The receptionists are way too nosey too and try to fix your problem for you and will do anything to not give you an appointment if you do not tell them every single detail of why you want to speak with a doctor. I have had to argue my way to speak to a doctor.

Can't see GP at all

August 1, 2021
They are refusing to see patients and trying to send us to different surgery or diagnose via a photo or video call I have a hole in my arm pit which I've had for several weeks they've gave me 1.lot antibiotics and a box of dressings but because of were it is they don't stick through sweating they diagnosed myself son via text message so I couldn't ask questions about the treatment

The staff are helpfu. Nurses are knowledgable

June 9, 2021
I was one hour late for my appointment today. They did not have to help me. I was fixed up with an appointment in ten minutes, by the receptionist. I went to see the nurse. Another member of staff came to check that I was ok. Cant beat that.

Terrible phone line busy constantly

June 8, 2021
You can’t get an answer on the phone.. if you are lucky you never get to see your named GP …

Reception - professional and do a great job

June 8, 2021
Always polite. Yes it is hard to get through to them and can understand patients frustrations. But I book on line and always get an appointment. When I call for results they are always polite too. I feel sorry for people with pay as you go phones hanging on for an answer though.
Sharon Lawrence

Appointments impossible to get

June 8, 2021
Since joining this practice (after the walk-in centre in Solihull was closed) I have found it near impossible to get an appointment.

Poor at best

June 8, 2021
Unable to get a face to face appointment for over 12 weeks. Only 1 dr is allowed to sign fit notes/prescriptions despite every dr doing it previously. Get told fit note/prescription will be ready by a certain time only to on arrival have some one tell you it isn’t ready and you can’t have it until the next day

Bosworth Medical Centre



Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre
Crabtree Drive
West Midlands
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