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Lack of support following violent assault

May 13, 2024
The Jacey Practice failed to provide any support following a violent assault. No referrals were made. I did not feel listened to and my concerns were not taken on board.

Hard to access help from the GP

May 9, 2024
We wont go to the GP for help and support for a number of reasons. Appointments are hard to access and it is difficult getting my spouse to attend, due to them having dementia. I'm unsure if there is anything they can do for us by way of either helping my spouse or supporting me in caring for them.

It's hard to get appointments

May 3, 2024
This is not my surgery but as part of SHP in the past appointments have been more available here. Recently this too has become a problem and I can no longer get appointments here.

Very difficult to book an appointment

March 23, 2024
The phone line is either busy or all of the appointments have already been allocated when you do get through.

Unhappy with care provided by some doctors

January 30, 2024
I have not had a satisfactory experience at this surgery. I have not been happy with the care provided by some of the doctors. Luckily being a part of SHP I can request appointments at other surgeries which I do.

Waiting 12+ months for cortisone injection

December 14, 2023
I have been waiting over 12 months for a cortisone injection in my knee. I have been living in unbearable pain. In August I called the surgery crying in pain, and was told that I was not on the waiting list, when I was told previously that I was. I was put back on the list as urgent, and received a text message from the surgery saying 'do not call us, we will call you', which I found quite rude. I have finally had my injection in late November 2023, 3 months after being put on the urgent list, and I had to attend a different SHP practice for it. The waiting times are awful, but I don't think anyone cares.

The clinical care great, admin awful

September 25, 2023
Whenever I have received care from the clinical staff it has been great. I have nothing but positive comments in this area. The challenges started however when SHP took over. Trying to make an appointment is incredibly hard. The phone queues are awful and when you get through the appointments available are for weeks in advance. Why can't we book online anymore as we could pre-covid?

I have experienced challenges with the admin staff not knowing the processes involved in making an autism referral. This has caused severe delays.

Telephone experience is awful

August 3, 2023
Stop giving us the average waiting time as you know it is misleading and why can’t we book appointments online prior to this awful partnership was formed
Jeffrey Johnson

Very poor service can’t get appointments

July 27, 2023
Waiting times, staff attitude poor and uncaring, doctors start late. Treatment suggestions mainly aimed at saving the practice money. Just a money making operation for the doctors many who are part time

Poor communication & lack of appointments

July 24, 2023
It is very difficult to get through on the telephone line which makes it very hard to get an appointment. There is no continuity of care, you always see a different doctor even when you request to see the same one. Some doctors are quite arrogant. Some reception staff are unhelpful and when they tell you they will get back to you they don't.

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