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Cant get through to discuss blood results

October 28, 2021
Tried ot get through several times at different times of day. Only option is for urgent same day appointment if all slots have gone. My query is why they said my blood results required no further action when they are highly abnormal but cant get to speak to anyone. Cant g to NHS 111 or A&E so what is the option? will write a letter as not allowed to visit. Practice acting as if we are in full throes of pandemic with lockdown and no vaccx. Used to be great.

Went to reception, was given an appointment.

October 27, 2021
The receptionist was very helpful. I saw a doctor the same day within 2 hours. The doctor was very thorough and arranged further treatment.
Frances Ckarke

too difficult to get through by phone

October 10, 2021
I was trying to get through from 8am on Monday morning. Finally the call was answered at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon. I was told there were no more emergency or routine appointments and would have to call back at 8am the following day. I said I had been trying. I was told to queue outside any of the surgeries at 8am the following day. I explained I was a carer and could not do this. I think it is not acceptable that patients cannot even get through let alone get appointments.

Unable to book appointment.

October 5, 2021
Work in general practice as a clinician so calling at 8am everyday or attending a surgery is impossible.
Now left without endometrial protection!,
Dangerous clinical practice

Great service.

September 29, 2021
Call at 8.30 for a same day call back. Blood tests carried out as required plus other tests

Awful patient care

September 28, 2021
Have phoned for appointment and cannot get through. What is the CCG doing - report published blames phone system when the surgeries were working fine before merger to SHP.

Gone down massively

September 20, 2021
This used to be a great doctors surgery but since it joined shp it is terrible. As it is difficult to call and get an appointment without a long wait. Also a doctor told me I had cancer the week before Xmas. I had to go private to be told I hadn’t.


September 10, 2021
Official complaint has been sent. Terrible system in place!

You cannot get through by phone

August 23, 2021
You cannot get through by phone. Many days the lines are full as soon as they open at 8am. If you are lucky and are able to join the telephone queue, you may be on hold for over an hour. Online bookings are switched off. If you do get through, some (not all) of the receptionists are rude and uncaring. After hours spent getting through to the surgery the receptionists do everything they can to prevent you from making an appointment to speak to a GP. It is incredibly stressful. I am not too sure what the point of this practice is, as you really cannot get to speak to a doctor. If you are ill you end up having to call 111, go to A&E or go privately. This used to be a great surgery before the merger with SHP. Some of the doctors are really good, if only you had access to them. The only part that seems to work well is the online repeat prescription service.
Perhaps the worst part is that SHP don’t seem to have any intention / ability to improve the situation and the patients / health authorities seem powerless to take action. Our local MP has taken no action.

Can’t get through to the practice..

August 21, 2021
When you get through you can’t get appointment for 30 days. So you are sitting at home wondering what is wrong .

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