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Can not get through

June 27, 2022
Long waiting time to speak with someone. Lines always busy.

Very quick to strike you off over nothing!

August 16, 2021
Waiting times are incredibly long, which is understandable, but that is no reason to take any small happening and strike someone off just like that to fill their space.
No compromise on session times, even when this is part of the issue at hand. Taken 2 weeks off as parent needed to support grand parent when seriously ill and received a letter to say will be taken off the books within 7 days and need to re-refer.

No compassion, no support, no empathy, just pure 'let's get the job done and go home' sort of people.

Good support

August 15, 2021
Two Amazing psychologist who have worked and work with child who gets his anxiety and very supportive.

Son was sent for mental health services

August 9, 2021
Son was sent for counselling mental health & even after school expressed concern about him wanting to die and him telling them he wants to they didn’t support him at all
Claire hughes

Good experience

April 14, 2021
Good experience but the waiting lists are very long and they don’t always have different approaches for children with additional needs and you don’t get an actual report of there findings during there assessment

offer very little and inadequate help

April 14, 2021
told them about several situations and suicide attempts, put on a long waiting list for therapy then called back asking to be moved up due to witnessing a highly traumatic situation which caused my mental health to severely relapse, to which they responded “some children need more help than others” and suggested i go on a walk and talk to my friends

They have been very supportive to our family

April 14, 2021
They listen and help us with supporting anxiety

Always willing to go out of their way to help

May 20, 2020
Even though things a very different at the moment with lockdown, Solar have gone out of their way to ensure that my daughter still receives the help and support that she needs. Liam is fantastic
Heather Delaney

Staff care

May 20, 2020
Do they always get everything right, no, who does, but they show they really care every single day and that’s all I ask.

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