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No help because my child did not give consent

July 24, 2023
My 12 year old had an assessment at Solar, and because they did not give consent to the appointment, they just refused to speak, we were referred to family support services and the assessment did not take place. This was extremely frustrating and the support worker was no help at all.

Great Communication

July 24, 2023
In the last couple of months I have had a great experience with Solar. The doctor has been excellent and I have been able to communicate with them via email, which has been very helpful.

I didn't feel like I was listened to

May 4, 2023
I went for my mental health and I explained how I was feeling. They told me that what I told them about was irrelevant to my mental health. I do not feel like they listened to what I was saying and did not understand how they could disregard my feelings the way that they did.

Poor experience because they do not listen

May 2, 2023
I feel like they did not listen to me properly.

Quite good but too much homework

April 28, 2023
Although they were quite good, it felt like they spent more time focusing on giving homework that trying to solve what's wrong.

Long waiting times

April 27, 2023
Referred by my GP. Waiting list is really long still not been seen. Waiting for help with my mental health.

I felt judged

April 27, 2023
I waited for a year to start therapy sessions. When I started the sessions I was judged and was told that I'm just being dramatic.

Long wait and poor service

April 21, 2023
My experience was not good. The wait was really long to be seen and then they did not really do anything to help me.

Only waited 6 months to be seen

March 31, 2023
Was referred by our GP for help for our teenager. We were expecting a wait of approximately 12 to 18 months so were pleasantly surprised that we were seen after only 6 months. We were happy with the support we received.

Needs to be quicker

July 27, 2022
Solar needs to be quicker with referrals

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