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Struggling to get an appointment for results

May 13, 2024
I am really struggling to get an appointment to receive results from recent hospital tests. I have made 32 phone calls to try and get an appointment. The system is very frustrating.

Its hard to get appointments

May 9, 2024
I am not happy with the surgery because it is so hard to get an appointment with a doctor.

Dr Thandi is an exceptional Doctor.

March 26, 2024
Excellent and timely advice delivered in a professional and compassinate manner.

Provided useful information by community midwife

February 20, 2024
I have been to see the community midwife here once who provided me with some useful information.

Cant even get an appointment. No help.

January 3, 2024
Can never get an appointment, not inclusive for all. What a system getting everyone to phone at the same time? Not helpful/ rude.

Excellent care

December 14, 2023
I had need for medical advice and a prescription in the middle of the day having failed to purchase an over the counter medication. Reception took my details and emailed the duty doctor who called me 2 hours later.
I was able to book a same day follow up appt the following week. All staff very helpful.

Incompetent. Patients are treated like dirt.

August 25, 2023
Incompetent, disrespectful to patients and smirk and making sly remarks. This needs to stop! I requested a SAR over 6 weeks ago. Dr Thandi has maliciously and deliberately waited until the last minute to approve my request and I was given only 2 pages of irrelevant documents to support my case at a tribunal in a few weeks which the GP is fully aware of. He declined on the grounds of serious harm without any reason or explanation. I have read the ICO guidelines for SAR and it makes no sense to me that he would decline it, there is no possible way viewing my patient report would cause me any serious harm. This is ridiculous and I feel like it has been done on purpose. My last meeting with Dr Thandi he made odd remarks on my personal life and talked to me in a very canny manner which I found very rude and patronising. Shocking service all around and disrespect is equally as bad from Patricia at front desk who found it funny when I explained I need my full report otherwise it will seriously affect my circumstances.

Nurses intercept messages to doctors.

August 21, 2023
My request for regular medication is not getting through to a doctor and a chemist nurse keeps sending review messages but won't book an appointment even though I pointed out their booking system is not successful. So this leaves you angry at the people who are supposed to be helping you. After several requests for a repeat prescription, a message of review is texted and the online blocked. Some one is playing God without thought of the impact this makes to the patient. I'm on holiday and about to run out of medication and now left to chase a supply whilst I should be enjoying a relaxing time away from this kind of unnecessary hassle and anger.

Appalling service. No communication.

July 22, 2023
No communication until it’s near emergency dialling 111. Then 3 calls in space of an hour from 2 different people asking the same thing. Uncoordinated, unprofessional, unreliable and mostly unhelpful to provide a basic level of care.

Impossible to get an appointment. Rude staff.

June 1, 2023
Very rude and patronising reception staff. Treat patients like cattle. No flexibility. To speak to a Dr regarding anything other than an ailment e.g. a fit note, bloods request still requires a Drs appointment of which there are never any.

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