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All the team are very friendly and efficient

October 24, 2021
I’ve been registered here for 20+ years. Although I use the online booking system/repeat prescription when I need to, I find that anytime I see/speak with reception, nurses, doctors, pharmacy staff etc I am always treated extremely well and the standard is really consistent year in year out. A great Dr’s surgery.
Ps.. not sure why survey asks about quality of food but gave 5 stars so not to affect my overall rating of Northbrook Surgery.

Good service

April 21, 2021
Large choice of doctors available. Always able to get an appointment. On the whole, good treatment options.

Reception needs training in customer service

April 21, 2021
Historically ridiculous wait times for appointments

Really gone downhill

April 20, 2021
Rude and obnoxious reception staff. I have been registered at this surgery all my life. I have sadly seen it go downhill over the past 35 years. It used to be very good, but now has become heavily over subscribed due to the Influx of patients to the area whilst it has downsized. Reception staff (the older lady) are usually very rude, disgrace to the profession. Difficult to get through on the phone, often have to resort to going in person just to make an appointment (pre covid).

Well organised, quick and simple

April 3, 2021
Well organised, kept away from other patients, simple and the nurse was lovely
Susan Hathaway

Wouldn’t even give a 0 star

April 1, 2021
If I could give this surgery 0 stars I would. Never have I ever experienced such rude, obnoxious receptions in my life. There has been numerous occasions where I literally do not want to call the surgery due the the lack of professionalism and complete disregard from the receptionists there. Today they have done exactly that again and now I am taking it upon myself to write this review because I genuinely feel something needs to be done about the vile staff they have. They are absolutely disgusting the way they speak to you. Today I have even been laughed at down the phone whilst crying explaining the chronic pain I am in. I am suffering with extreme pain due to my wisdom teeth erupting and have tried to get an appointment with dentists all over Birmingham and lastly advised by the dental hospital that although they are unable to see me, had advised it may be an infection and that I should contact my GP to see whether they can help with pain relief and antibiotics. I called the surgery right away as advised by the dental hospital, to be laughed at and basically just fobbed off by the most rudest receptionist (same lady I have had dealings with before because of her disgusting attitude) - I had already said to my parents before making the call to the surgery that I didn’t want to call because I feel they don’t care and the lady on reception is always rude and to be honest could do without it due to the discomfort I am experiencing as she literally makes my blood boil and guess what, they did exactly what I thought and said they would do. Laughed at me, fobbed me off as usual and she proved my point exactly. I was furious, in utter shock at the complete disregard, to be told “well I don’t know why you’re calling us cos we’re a doctors, not a dentist” LIKE I DONT BLOODY KNOW!! I put the phone down on her. Moments later, my mom called back on my behalf to see whether she could get through to somebody else - funnily enough she did, got through to a different lady and straight away was advised she would get an on call doctor to call me asap. So WHY on earth was the First Lady so damn right rude to laugh at somebody down the phone. Oh how I WISH I knew her name as I would be completely naming and shaming this lady all over social media. She does not deserve to hold a position within a health care sector. Absolutely disgusting women and I hope you see this review and quit your job for everybody’s sake.

This isn’t the only bad experience I have had with this surgery but today has really put the nail in the coffin for me and I couldn’t not write a review about my experience today. Over the years of being with them, never have I ever felt supported. From losing referrals to hospitals, to not even making the referrals after months and months thinking I had been and was just waiting on an appointment from the hospital. Turned out I was suffering bad with polycyclic ovaries. Just damn right awful all round and I will be changing surgeries after today and so will my parents and other family members.

Excellent staff and always helpful

March 31, 2021
I have been at patient of Northbrook for 21 years and I can say that i have never had a bad experience with getting an appointment or help. The receptionists are very helpful and polite and the nurses and doctors are excellent. Highly recommend.
A lloyd

Excellent service.

March 9, 2021
Wonderful surgery. Extremely helpful receptionists and will try and get you an appointment or offer advice. GPs are very approachable and listen. Nurses and other health care staff are lovely and helpful too. Been at this surgery for over 20 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommend.

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