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No consideration

June 27, 2022
My grandchild had something wrong with his foot when he was born and the health visitor did not pick it up and we brought it to her attention she did not listen. Now his foot is not straight and can not walk for long until he is tired. We have gone private to check and he is being treated. I want to know what my tax is being used for?.


June 27, 2022
No care
Should be shut down

Never get through on phone. No GP to see

June 5, 2022
Have to go in to get appointment. Offered phone appointment in 17 days time. Need to see GP as skin condition that needs looking at. After going back in 3 times, as can never get through on phone, finally got to see GP, 9 days later!

Very bad never get through

May 11, 2022
Can't get through and constantly missing my meds and can't get through to sort it even emailed

Cannot get the phone answered to make contact

April 7, 2022
Phone is not being answered to gain access to the doctor or nhs services

extremely rude reception staff

March 27, 2022
The reception staff speak to patients likw dirt and with an aggressive attitude. So glad ive now found another surgery.


January 26, 2022
Hold times when you call can last between 1hour - 3 hours, and the reception staff are rude, so rude it’s shocking


September 30, 2021
Have been trying to arrange an appointment for days/weeks now - have been on the phone for an hour and still not managed to get through - I feel sorry for old age pensioners who are trying to get in touch - The process is fundamentally flawed so needs to changed asap before people die

Poor service from some of the drs and admin s

July 22, 2021
I cannot remember the last time I was able to order a repeat prescription without having make several calls to chase up. On 3 occasions was told by a particular senior Dr I was imagining/exaggerating symptoms and there was nothing there only to be diagnosed by a consultant. As a result I have gone private 3 times in recent years. Same dr refuses to review my sons asthma action plan

Never had any problems

May 24, 2021
We joined Hobs moat medical centre (used to be in Winchcombe rd) Dr Dobson. Freeman. Crichton.Hadley never had any problems or issues been with them since 1978 have seen a few changes in that time.

Hobs Moat Medical Centre



Ulleries Road
West Midlands
B92 8ED


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