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Shockingly bad

June 3, 2024
You cannot get to see a doctor the receptionist has been instructed not to make appointments available. The phone line just cuts off and the online booking states no appointments available.

Lack of appointments & care

December 13, 2023
You wait for ages on the phone to get through, and when you get through there are no appointments. No one can ever help. I tried to order medication over the telephone in exceptional circumstances but they still would not accept my request. The care you receive from the doctors varies dependent on who you see, they are often running late and then you are rushed quickly through your appointment, and they do not take the time to listen to you. I have waited 4 weeks for an appointment and then been told I can only discuss one thing with them. I find this completely unacceptable, particularly because myself and members of my family have complex medical needs. They do not make reasonable adjustments for my child who is of adult age but has learning disabilities and cannot advocate for herself. They try and talk over me and direct the conversation to my child who does not have any understanding of what they are saying. It is very frustrating.

Very good menopause support

December 8, 2023
The doctors have been great with menopause support and treatment. They have been thorough with information, advice and treatment. I have had my medication reviewed and changes have been made when necessary. They have made gynaecology referrals for me too. Cannot fault the surgery at all, they have been fantastic.

Impossible to get a face to face appointment

October 9, 2023
I have given up trying to ring for appointments because it is impossible to get through. I have to arrive at the surgery at 8am to start queueing for when they open at 8.30am. It's impossible to get a face to face appointment, I am only ever offered a telephone appointment. The reception staff are ok, I guess there is only so much they can do.

I am happy with the service

October 6, 2023
I am happy with the service provided and I have no complaints.

Unanswered phone. No appointments. Repeat med

June 24, 2023
Often over 90 mins wait for phone response. Sometimes just cut off. This is a regular occurrence.
Appointments not available unless phone 08:00 - 08:15. But no phone is answered. Solution is to go personally to the surgery later, but no appointments left for the next 2 weeks. This is a regular occurrence.

Obliged to use online repeat prescription service. Works usually one time out of 3, often incomplete. Need to go to surgery to query, but repeats not allowed at surgery. Sometimes complete after 7-10 days. (Pharmacy confirms this is regular and predictable.) Occurs regularly.

Reply from Hobs Moat Medical Centre

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback

I share your frustration with the phones it is not a system that we haver chosen. If you are cut off please report this to the practice - I need the phone number date and time I can then have this investigated by the provider. Appointment's are now offered from 08:30 on both the telephone and face to face- we offer our patients the choice of having either a telephone call or a face to face appointment. Appointments are in high demand but you are able to either visit call and also book up to 8 weeks ahead.

Prescriptions - you state repeats are not allowed, this is incorrect repeats are allowed - these can be ordered face to face - through the letter box and via email.

There may be reasons why a prescription is stopped, normally because a medication review is needed.

We have had it reported that once a prescription has been sent electronically, the pharmacy has not downloaded it from the spine.

You are welcome to telephone after 11:00 any day to discuss your prescription and we will answer any questions you may have the best days are Tuesday to Thursday.

I hope this helps

Provider responded

Poor level of service to patient with cancer

June 9, 2023
It is very difficult to get an appointment. No consideration is given to me being a cancer patient currently undergoing treatment. The receptionist seem under pressure and very stressed out when you make enquiries or try to book an appointment.

Decline in service since the pandemic

May 24, 2023
I have experienced a real decline in service from my surgery since the covid pandemic. The problems experienced now were no where near as bad before. It often takes up to an hour of holding to get through. On several occasions I have been holding for more than 45 minutes to get to second in the queue for the line to cut me off. It is very frustrating and upsetting when this happens.

Hard to get past the reception staff

March 31, 2023
Very hard to get an appointment. Doctors and nurses are good once you can see them but getting past the first hurdle of booking an appointment is the main problem.

Doctor not responding to requests for medication quickly

March 31, 2023
My mother is on end of life care and she wanted to see the doctor but requested for me to be there. The doctor did not attend but went to see my mother on a different day without telling me. Doctor did not prescribe morphine quickly enough and the district nurses had to keep chasing. By the time they got the prescription my mother had died.

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