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Hard to get appointments

May 1, 2024
It is hard to get an appointment through the online system used by this service and when you do get an appointment the doctors are rubbish.


April 18, 2024
Bad experience on phone 25 mins they called back later got no space for me, place is a joke, been there for long time never again. It has changed for the worse since it became GPS

Easy to access but poor mental health support

April 10, 2024
If I have a medical need I can get an appointment at the surgery. My concern is the lack of mental health support and treatment. I have medication review every 3 to 6 months, but I have been really struggling with my mental health over the past few months and the doctors have told me that there is nothing that they can do for me. I have been told I can self refer to other services. I find it very difficult to make phone calls because of my struggles, and living in a rural area means that phone signals are very unreliable. It would make a huge difference if doctors made referrals like they did before.

Good but appointment system needs to improve

December 8, 2023
The surgery in general is good. I have monthly appointments with the diabetic nurse who is great. I have been well supported on the weight management program, and is clear from the great results I have had since January this year. My problem with the surgery is the appointment booking system. It is very hard to get through on the telephone, it is quite normal to be 30th in the queue if you do get through, and by the time your call is answered all appointments have gone. I really think the telephone system needs to be improved.

Surgery does not perform well

November 21, 2023
The surgery is below average and does not offer a good level of service. My prescriptions are never prepared on time by doctors. I cannot get appointments which is very frustrating. A new doctor has recently joined the practice and they are brilliant. I do think that the doctor is making good progress in trying to improve the surgery.

Excellent continuity of care

September 8, 2023
I use the phone system to book appointments and have no problems being seen when needed. They offer a very good follow up service, they have phoned me to check how I am doing and when they say they will call, they always keep their word and call you. The staff are amazing and the doctors are the best.

Impossible to get appointments

September 5, 2023
Appointments are virtually impossible to obtain. Call back system was supposed to improve matters, on several occasions, no call back received. I have been with this surgery 47 years. If I had transport I would find another practice. I have no family here, they live in London. The Doctors and healthcare team are very good. However when you get through after waiting an hour if lucky, some reception staff are rude, no one asks the reason for your call and it doesn’t matter if you try to say you really need to see a doctor. I have never bothered doctors with matters that can be dealt with by our local pharmacy. So you are rudely told no appointments, call at 8am the following day. I live in Knowle, my surgery is in Knowle, why are we being told to go to the other 6 practices; when you have no family or transport this is unacceptable.
Mrs Cynthia Ruth Gill

Can't pre book appointments, won't answer the

September 2, 2023
Unable to get repeat prescriptions, Cannot get through when on the phone.
Cannot get an appointment. By 8:08 am all appointments gone. at 8.09pm i'm #40 in the queue.
Shambolic. Reception staff are always pleasant, not their fault. it's the management.

Waiting for referral to see specialist

November 30, 2022
Two doctors have both said I need to see a specialist for the continues pain and infection in my ear. I have been given antibiotics and the pain and infection comes back and, the doctors are still not sure if it's something that needs further investigation. If I do not get referred soon it will get worse and will cost more to the NHS

Easier getting appointments on the phone

November 16, 2022
It’s okay – appointments I can get over the phone as it’s easier than getting them face to face

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