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Good improvement

August 1, 2022
The GP has improved in the waiting time, I have not seen the doctor face to face yet

Lack of patient care

July 30, 2022
Takes ages to get through to anyone. The GPs still insist on telephone consultations and then decide if they want to see you or not. A couple of them I've spoken to seemed to not listen properly and want to get you off the phone asap. Having said that, i heard a comment by a member of staff, that the Dr's are just lazy and want to just sit there drinking coffee all day. That would explain it then really. The pharmacist there isn't very pleasant.
I could go on about the standard of care that my husband has not had but that would take too long. I'm in the process of changing our GP practice to an independent one, who do see all their patients regularly and have very good reviews. I would advise everyone to avoid GPS and go independent.

Receptionist unhelpful

July 25, 2022
Receptionist, one in particular unhelpful.
Can't get appointment. She has a bad attitude
can't call in, you have to phone and then you are over 30 in the queue.
Cant call one minute before 8am.
GPS are very nice when you get to see them.
They are offering a call back service now. Will wait and see how that pans out.

getting an appointment is poor

July 21, 2022
Not able to get through to see GP.
Seen a GP before about knee and was advised to ask for the same GP. When i have asked to see the same GP advised by receptionist staff Dr's dont do consultation.
Complaint to manager at the practice who responded with they will bring it up in the next meeting and will mention receptionist was aggressive.
I have written to them twice about appointments. when I write to them I get appointments straight away.

Dr's are fine when you get to see them. Getting to see nurse is an issue and if you manage to get an appointment to them.
I did manage to get an appointment to see a doctor regarding my knee. An x-ray was arranged within 2-3 weeks and on getting the result I was referred to see orthopedic who I saw within the 2-3 weeks of referral being made.
I had to contact to check to see if my results came back as they had not checked it.

Can not get through

June 27, 2022
Because of covid they have limited contact with the GP, my referrals to C.M.H.T has not been made and am still waiting to have a face to face with GP.

Great care

June 27, 2022
I have had my operation done and i have regular visit

Great care

June 27, 2022
My health is great, I take care of myself and the doctor has given me a good checkup.

Can not get through

June 27, 2022
Can not get through to speak with the doctor. When I do, am giving phone consultation and not seen the doctor. I end up going to A&E and they found out that I had infection in my chest. The GP could have detected it if they had seen me face to face.

Waiting to see the doctor and medication

June 27, 2022
Contacting the GP surgery now is very difficult, I can not see the doctor and the phone lines are always busy.

On the phone for an hour then cut you off

April 22, 2021
They don't answer the phone. If you get a telephone appointment and they can't deal with ir on the phone they make you phone an ambulance.
I need to see a doc but I know it can't be dealt with on a call but I have to wait a month for a call tben another month to see them if I'm lucky.
I was promised counselling a 16 months ago for anxiety and depression, never had it and when I told them they said thats tbe way it goes. SoI have been abandoned.

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