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Never answer the phone.

May 24, 2021
My husband rang up, was in a 'queue' for an hour. Got to apparent first place and was then cut off!
I gave up a few months ago when the same thing happened and have paid for private treatment.

Generally Excellent

April 20, 2021
I've been a patient since 1977. Always been more than pleased with their care. Of late though I haven't initiated a consultation as it's nigh on impossible to get through to the surgery.

Excellent in every way

April 1, 2021
We received our vaccinations at Balsall Common Health Centre . Dorridge surgery had organised it so well. No waiting, all very quick. Everything explained clearly and although the doctors and other staff must have been exhausted everyone was extremely pleasant
Prue Scoth

Long waiting time to book flu vaccine

March 31, 2021
Bad as they cut me off after waiting on phone when 40th in line.
Robert Tabb

Care great, phone line dreadful

March 31, 2021
Great and efficient Covid vaccine arrangements, very accessible with good parking. Appointments over the phone work well, am quite happy not to have to go in unnecessarily, although one mis-treatment was only resolved when physically going in on another matter. E mailing in prescriptions works well, Telephone system is dreadful, 30 minutes plus on the phone seems the norm at any time of day, and one call was completely misunderstood resulting in a very odd letter response. Dread having to make the 8am call to get an appointment and find I’m already 17th in line. So, basically, generally good care from a practice I’m happy to belong to, but too difficult to get through to.

Good advice and helpful

March 24, 2021
Once able to get an appointment really helpful.

Make patients feel like an inconvenience

March 24, 2021
Reception staff are rude and unfeeling. Act like patients making appointments are an inconvenience and are shocked when you enquire if there is an option for an appointment at the weekend or after 6pm (due to work commitments).

Been a patient for many years some great Drs

March 22, 2021
Getting an appointment to is challenging but there are 3 Drs I’m happy with and they seem to care. With COVID I’m less satisfied, appointments over the phone isn’t great and I do feel patients should be seen for irregular things.

Poor response on arranging Flu jab

March 17, 2021
Waited 1 hour on the phone & was then cut off
Went to Pharmacist afterwards
Robert Tabb

Doctors been great.

October 15, 2020
Overall extremely positive with engagement and information. Only one doctor we avoid. A couple of admin staff need better training.

Dorridge Surgery



3 Avenue Road
West Midlands
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