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Excellent service, made a quick referral

August 7, 2023
The GP is very good, I saw them quickly and they got me seen at the hospital in less than a week. They are very good in general too.

Fantastic Doctors who take good care of me

March 22, 2023
The doctors surgery take very good care of me, keep on top of my medication and health needs. I never have any difficulty getting an appointment. They are fantastic.

Not fit for purpose!!!

February 27, 2023
Been on the phone for 40 minutes no one answered had to hang up!!!! What good is a doctor's if you can't get through absolutely fuming!!!!

The online service issues

December 20, 2022
If I go to the GP personally, it great but I find it difficult to use the online booking system. I end up messing up and then I give up. I am too old to use it. I wish they could consider certain age categories.

Couldn't see them during covid.

July 25, 2022
Couldn't get into see them during covid. Hasn't had to call them since. Blood test are done, no problem

Great care

June 27, 2022
During covid I saw my GP within weeks and afterwards. They are very responsive

positive experience

June 24, 2022
During covid I was able to get seen and get the medication on repeat and in time.
The only feedback I have is that the GP need to provide chiropodist service again as this this was a great service for me as i am on low income and not mobile and since stopping the Chiropodist service I have to privately have to pay which is to expensive.

GP’s always call back

June 10, 2022
GP’s provide professional expertise in the midst of the pandemic. Very insightful and helpful - generally staff are always available.

GPS try to diagnose physical problems by tele

May 11, 2022
The gps phoning patients seem very inexperienced. If you say something they don’t expect they ignore it if it doesn’t fit into the view they have already formed. I was so worried I phoned 111 and spoke to a gp there. They were excellent but told me I really needed a physical examination the next day. Not a chance.
Receptionists are great and really try to help but are fighting a losing battle.

Dreadful of late.

April 7, 2022
Never any appointments when I try to make one. - used to be able to make them online pre-Covid I haven’t been able to see a doctor since before the pandemic
Referral was supposed to be made to hospital- never done
Should have had a medication review- last one was before the pandemic
Have had issues when trying to order medication

Dorridge Surgery



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