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Cannot get through and receptionist gives medical advice

September 7, 2022
The receptionist asked me to take paracetamol for a persistent headache.

Meriden resident being sent to Balsall Common

August 31, 2022
People are directed to Balsall Common health center which is impossible to access unless you drive, have family or use taxis because bus service is near to non existent. The buses come at certain times and dates.
General impression is that you are not able to get appointments.

No accessible transport to see GP

August 31, 2022
For residents like me accessing Meriden surgery was more accessible however the surgery now refers us to Balsall Common practice. There is no Bus to Balsall Common Surgery, a taxi costs £21 each way which is not affordable for someone who is on pension and with long term conditions like heart conditions and arthritis.

Hard to get appointment

August 4, 2022
It is always hard to get an appointment with the Dr's when you call them. When you do get to see the Dr's they are generally good

Professional and responsive

May 11, 2022
All the professionals and practitioners at the Balsall Common Practice are helpful and responsive. Telephone consultations are effective and are followed by and face to face consultation if required. The Covid 19 vaccination programme was excellent.

Inconvenient appointments and poor advice

November 12, 2021
Telephone appointments are being offered - but no exact appointment times are given only an approx time. I don’t understand why when seeing patients in person an appointment time could be given, but this isn’t possible with a phone appointment. My nurse appointment was for between 10 and 11 am and I wasn’t called until after 4pm. It’s very inconvenient for people working. I complained and did not get a satisfactory response. The nurse or doctor never seems to have medical notes to hand and gave inaccurate advice about access to physio services,

As long as you phone at the right time.i

July 15, 2021
Good service by phone mostly
Christine Richards

No Back up

July 15, 2021
Lack of face to face contact even lack of bedside manner.

My husband suffered for months with earache

June 9, 2021
The Dr refused to see him. Spoke on the phone he suffered for months with pain and swelling and deafness. He was told to pay privately for an ear exam and treatment to remove earwax.
He was then refered back to the Dr because he needed antibiotics for his ear infection. The other Dr he spoke to was less than happy that the colleague in question was refusing to see patients that obviously needed to be seen face to face

Very attentive GP service

June 8, 2021
I have had numerous medical problems in past year and have been referred to specialists when required and received excellent attention, especially from Dr Edwards. He has looked info up on line and sent it to me, adjusted medication to correct health issues and phoned me to maintain updates on my condition. Reception staff are always helpful and I have usually obtained a phone appointment for same day. A face to face appointment was also arranged when needed. We are very fortunate to have this health centre in our village.
Paul Child

Balsall Common Medical Centre


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