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Very good experience

July 14, 2023
I find them very good. When I need an appointment I can get a face to face appointment on the same day.

Excellent service

May 25, 2023
I can normally get appointments when needed. The doctors are very good and the reception staff are great, very helpful and friendly.

Impossible to get an appointment

April 21, 2023
It's impossible to get an urgent appointment you have to book weeks in advance. Sometimes I just wait it out rather than seeking treatment elsewhere but when it's the health of my children I have to use an alternative route for them to be seen and/or treated.

Hard to get an appointment but great doctors

March 31, 2023
It can be very hard to get an appointment which is what lets the surgery down. The doctors and staff are great its just accessing them which is difficult.

Great care

March 6, 2023
All the staff here are amazing and they support me through all the difficult times.

Overall good care

March 1, 2023
Often a bit of a wait for routine appointments such as smear or results but overall helpful

Amazing care and professional team

February 13, 2023
I have been with this centre for over 30 years, everyone there is doing fantastic work. Even during the pandemic, they were helpful.

I wasn't happy with the doctors

November 16, 2022
I wasn’t happy with my doctors as I hadn’t been able to get in for an appointment in ages, until this week for the first time I got to see them face to face.

Doctors unwilling to help

November 14, 2022
Seen many different doctors at the surgery most unwilling to send for referrals. Long dragged out appointments over many months. Many of the GP are unaware of any new research. Even the recommendation for long term covid appears to have missed this surgery. Very disappointing and doctors are very dismissive. Lack of care or follow ups. Over and under prescriptions.

Good improvement

September 12, 2022
These days it easy to get appointment irrespective to last few months.

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