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A pointless service

April 8, 2024
I have not found the surgery helpful at all. They just want to dish out medication for depression and anxiety rather than actually help you. Medication is not always the answer. I have been to them about pain in joints and was just told that I needed physiotherapy without any tests being carried out. They did not help me at all. I have lost faith in GP services and the NHS completely.

Prompt, professional response

March 14, 2024
I phoned the Meriden branch today due to flare up of my asthma. The person answering the phone was very polite, helpful and got me a prompt appointment. When I arrived at the surgery, the receptionist checked I was okay, offered a glass of water and to sit in a separate room. All areas of the surgery were clean. The professional I saw took his time, was very calm, thorough and professional. I really don’t think I could have received better service and feel comforted that if I have any problems in the future, I will be in excellent hands.

Wonderful experience with this surgery

December 13, 2023
I am very pleased with the care provided by one particular GP. I always request and wait for appointments with them. The doctor is very thorough, they take the time to listen to you when necessary, and they are very understanding. They recently made an urgent referral to the skin clinic and their swift action led to early diagnosis and cancer treatment.

Decline in service & expertise

December 13, 2023
The the service is no where near as good as it used to be. There are now a lot of trainees. They are not as good and they do not know your background. The owners of the surgery are always in the background and unavailable to see you. The service provided by one doctor is good but sadly she is leaving soon. I am not looking forward to her leaving. and having to see another doctor who does not know me.

Good service & home visits

December 13, 2023
I can usually get an appointment when I need one. The doctors were excellent when my late husband was alive. They would do routine home visits without even being asked. They were wonderful.

A very good surgery

October 5, 2023
I don't have any problems with this surgery, the doctors, the nurses, or getting information.

Absolutely brilliant

July 24, 2023
This surgery is great all round. I never have a problem getting an appointment and on one occasion when they were fully booked they booked me in at a badger service to be seen on the same day.

Very good experience

July 14, 2023
I find them very good. When I need an appointment I can get a face to face appointment on the same day.

Excellent service

May 25, 2023
I can normally get appointments when needed. The doctors are very good and the reception staff are great, very helpful and friendly.

Impossible to get an appointment

April 21, 2023
It's impossible to get an urgent appointment you have to book weeks in advance. Sometimes I just wait it out rather than seeking treatment elsewhere but when it's the health of my children I have to use an alternative route for them to be seen and/or treated.

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